The Rise of the Brotherhood of the Beagle

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Buddy Beagle has to wear an e-collar to keep him from licking wounds. Josie Beagle is playful and inventive.

It didn’t take Josie long to decide the velcro strap that holds Buddy’s e-collar closed made a good toy to tug on, especially since the velcro unzipping makes a wonderful ripping sound.

So one afternoon, HairyFace went out to the yard to check on The Beagles and was shocked to find:

Naturally while he was assessing the situation and preparing to remedy it, Josephine was dashing around shouting, “Beagles need to be free!” and, “Free the Beagle”, and “Beagles RULE!”.

Josie can be the sweetest little thing … sometimes. Other times she can be SUCH an activist.

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