The Buzzy Beetle Thing

Cochise tells the tale

That big buzzy beetle like thing has been flying around our house again this morning. We hear it almost all the time and see it frequently. It doesn’t get very close most of the time, so I don’t bark at it, but I watch it closely. It MAY turn out to be like that Scoobus Monster. Maybe you’ve seen them around you too: big yellow beasts that come snorting through and eat children in the morning them spit them back out in the afternoon – so gross!

One time the buzzy beetle thing came through just above our trees and I barked at it then. HairyFace told me that it’s not a monster, and it’s actually doing good things. I should think of it like a truck that people drive around in the air.

“Oh! A truck, like in truck rides? I like truck rides! Do you think I could have a ride in that flying truck?”

“Noooo, buddy, I don’t think they’d allow that. Besides, they are really busy up there trying to chase away all that stinky smoke that was making our eyes and lungs sore, remember?” Yeah, I did remember. I didn’t like that at all. “Well, there are lots and lots of Peoples on the ground fighting a BIG fire …”

“You mean like we have in the fireplace? I like fires, they make me warm and toasty.”

“No, not like a fireplace fire. That is small and we can control it. This is a very big fire, where the trees are burning for as far as you can see and it’s VERY hot.”

Nooo, I would not like that at all! Okay, I will not bark or be mean at the … what did he tell me … fire chopper? I will not be mean to it. If I do bark it will be to say, “Thank you to the buzzy beetle guys and all those brave peoples who are trying to keep the rest of us safe.

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