Volt’s Horse Blanket of Happiness

Cochise tells the tale

It has been unseasonably chilly recently. HairyFace says it’s because there aren’t enough degrees outside. I’m not sure what degrees are; maybe they’re like gnats. When it’s going to rain there are a lot of gnats and they swarm around our eyes and fly up our noses. But if Hairy wants more degrees, so it will be warm, then degrees must be less bothersome than gnats.

This evening NiceLady built us a fire in the fireplace. That makes the picture box watching room nice and warm. Volt is so skinny and has such short fur he has no insulation against cold. Volt should come lie in front of the fire. But there is stuff going an around the house that Volt want’s to keep an eye on. Lady also ran a blanket through the hot-box for him, but he wasn’t willing to lay down on it. He had a different idea. NiceLady said, “Well, it works for horses!”

As you can see, he did eventually settle in and fall asleep in front of the fire.

Hopefully those degree bugs will start arriving and drive away the cold weather. Volt will be more comfortable when it’s not so cold.

Volt is a good fellow and one of the few that I let go on patrol with me. He runs along, but doesn’t get in my way. Except for when I get all lathered up about a delivery being made at Hairys Mom’s house and I start leaping onto the fence to be my most scary self. Then Volt stands up and pushes me off the fence, saying, “Don’t DO that Cochise, Hairy doesn’t like it. That’s why he installed those extra wires on top of the fence.”

That annoys me a bit, but most of the time he’s my Big-Dog Back-up:

Volt is a good fella to have around.

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