The Chicken Hollow Fire

Cochise, on Chicken Hollow fire
Cochise tells the tale

It is the evening of April 4th, and Chicken Hollow is on fire! We can see the smoke billowing up. I’m taking a protected position as I watch the big buzzy things flying overhead. Chicken Hollow is an area not far from here: two miles by road maybe 3/4 mile at the crow flies, just the other side of Stone Mountain.

smoke chicken hollow fireThrough the trees we can see smoke billowing up from the brush fire. NiceLady says she saw several fire trucks and an ambulance at the Exit 440 truck stop when she came home. Reports say every available unit is involved in fighting this fire. Homes are threatened, but they dug fire breaks to protect them. Maybe. It’s windy today … that does not help the firefighters!

Chicken Hollow watching position I want to watch the action, but am keeping a low profile.

chicken hollow fire chopperOne or more of these big buzzy things keep flying overhead. HairyFace thought at first it was an aerial tanker, but on closer inspection of the pictures he took, he thinks that’s an equipment rack or stretcher underneath, not a water tank.

Jasper, on the other hand is not perturbed by smoke or flying buzzy things. He’s so happy to get out into the yard that he just wants to play with his ropey toys.

April 5, 2016

chicken hollowChicken Hollow is still burning this morning, smouldering at least. And it’s spread out – no doubt driven by yesterday’s winds. But the wind is gone, so that should help the firefighters in putting it out. We’re keeping good thoughts for their safety: fighting fires in mountainous terrain is a special challenge.

As Scooby Doo would say, “Ruh-Row”, not only has that fire in Chicken Hollow spread along that valley, but it’s topped the ridge and is coming down on our side of the mountain. I think that’s Stone Mountain, but don’t quote me on that: I’m a dog and not very good with maps. Still not a worry to us, But they were staging fire fighting equipment and a bulldozer at the church at the end of our road.

chicken hollow fire
This is the view from my friend, Boots’ house just down the street.
chicken hollow fire
The view from the Edwina-Bridgeport Road
Chicken Hollow Fire
The view from Newport, eight miles away, shows how far it’s spread from what was a small brush fire to start with.

April 6, 2016

The smoke was bad this morning, so I decided to stay inside. Mostly. When those buzzy things would fly over I’d have to go out and bark. At least at first I did. Then it got to be too much trouble so I’d just growl out a window at them.

The smoke is eased up now. Maybe those bucket toting buzzy things had an effect. Must have, ’cause I don’t hear them any more either.

Jasper and Blondie are glad too.

chicken hollow fire Jasper enjoyed lounging in the grass during his free-play time. Blondie kept an eye on him while HairyFace cleaned out and re-supplied Jasper’s pen.

Afterward Hairy & Jasper went for a walk around the yard. Hairy got out the ropey toys, but Big J wasn’t interested in rowdy play.

chicken hollow fire When Jasper went back to his pen for his Good Boy cookie, Blondie went back to manning (errr … dogging) the fire watch station.

When HairyFace finished his yard work, Blondie decided to come in with him for a nap. It’s hard work keeping an eye an all that activity!

On their way home from church tonight the Peoples found where that big, buzzy, bucket-toter takes its rest breaks!


The Forestry Departments web site says they have the fire contained now and are working on mopping up hot spots. This chopper will be heading off to it’s next assignment. We appreciate the Forestry department and the local fire fighters who turned out (over 200 men and women) to battle this fire in some pretty rugged territory, working long hours, all because some yahoo decided to burn his trash even when the Forestry Dept refused his burn permit because it was too windy and dry that day. I hope they send him the bill.

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