Volt Sneaks a Snack

Cochise, on
Cochise tells the tale

Volt spent more time outside than I did today. More time than he wanted to. When I wanted in, HairyFace would open the door for me, but tell Volt, “Not you; you stay outside with me.”

Volt sat and peered through the door at me. “Why won’t he let me come in with you Cochise?”

“Do you remember yesterday, when he let you come inside unsupervised.”


“And you got up on the dryer and ate all your door training treats?”

“Yeah: they were YUMMY!”

“That’s why.”


Volt WatchingWhen Hairy did come inside, Volt was eager to come in too.  But instead of curling up on a bed, he liked sitting at the window watching Blondie and the goings on in the yard.

It may be a while before Hairy trusts Volt with being on his own inside again.

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