Foster Notes for March 9, 2019

Lucy is resting comfortably after yesterday’s spay surgery. She is not licking yet, so I haven’t coned her, but I watch closely. We don’t need an infection!

I did take a blanket out for her this morning (she spent the night indoors), She curled up on it, gave me the cutest little purse-lipped face, and thumped her tail in appreciation.

Her heartworm test yesterday was negative: always good news!


Cookie assistant SelmaSelma had a break-through a couple of days ago when the light came on, so to speak, and she realized that if she calms down she gets more free-time in the house.  She’s doing much better.

While out in the yard, Selma decided to play with Josephine, came racing across the yard, ran right over lil Josie and scared the witts out of her.  Selma wasn’t being mean, it’s just really easy to frighten Josie.  They’ve been on the outs since then, and since Callie is protective of Josie, she’s being more wary of Selma too.  Hopefully this will all blow over if I’m careful about not letting Selma and Josie outside together.

Other than that, Selma is doing fine.  I received word yesterday that she has been accepted by 11th Hour and is scheduled to ride out on March 22.


Lennon’s surgery is scheduled for April 1st.  It will be done by Dr. David Crouch DVM in Arden N.C.  He will spend the night and I’ll go again to pick him up the following day.  Recovery should take about 2 months.

Dr Crouch’s office person said that they will do another x-ray, and I think that’s good because the way Lennon races around the yard, leaping, and making tight turns makes me wonder if he hasn’t healed up enough that the surgery may not be necessary after all.  I have been giving him a daily dose of Glucosamine Chondroitan / MSM / Turmeric — which is supposed to ease joint inflammation (and thus pain) and restore damaged cartilage.  Maybe we don’t need to put him through this.  But in case we do, I working out how to build a hydrotherapy tank for him.

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