Jasper Gets a Coolaroo of His Own

Cochise tells the tale

A while back, Nicelady bought us a Coolaroo. That’s an outside dog bed: one that can be left out in the weather because there is no padding to get wet just a trampoline-like hammock supported by a steel frame that allows air to flow under. We all love it! Jasper loves it too and spends a good part of his play time clowning around on it.

coolaroo line-up
Lining up for our turns on the Coolaroo

Jasper has proven (mostly) non-destructive and NiceLady decided, since it’s getting hot, Jasper should have a Coolaroo in his pen to keep him comfy between play times. So she made that happen.

When it arrived, Hairyface assembled it and took the new one out to the corner of the walkway where the old one was. He took the old one to Jasper’s pen (he gets the old one just in case he gets rough on it while bored – but it’s still almost new). To do this he needed to let Jasper out for a run. When he tried to get Jasper to come try out HIS coolaroo:

So far Jasper has preferred to continue resting in his igloo most of the time. Old habits, I suppose. One time Hairyface went outside and did find Jasper sitting on his Coolaroo, head up and front paws crossed, just surveying his kingdom. So he will get some use out of it. Maybe when he sleeps he prefers the safety of his “den”.

When Jasper starts house training, we’ll probably move the older Coolaroo back out with the new one so two of us can enjoy lounging on them at the same time. That will be good since Jasper will be coming out to the yard when Blondie and I do, and if he continues to hog the Coolaroo like this, I WILL have to have a talk with him!

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