Jasper Sneaks A Smooch

Jasper and Blondie are sitting together, enjoying a pleasant July afternoon at the cabin.

Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (1)
Talking, relaxing and being friends.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (2)
Jasper begins whispering sweet nothings in Blondie’s ear.
Blondie does not rebuff him.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (3)
Feeling bold, Jasper sneaks a quick lick on the jaw.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (4)
Surprised by the move, Blondie simply blushes … and smiles.
Self-satisfied, Jasper acts nonchalant.

They sit quietly for a while, then Jasper decides to show her how dogly he is by trotting off to patrol the fences and be sure their play space is secure. Blondie just smiles: Jasper can be sweet when he wants to.

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Jasper: Barn Dog
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