Life at The Rock

We hit our high temp for the day (38°) at 5:30 a.m. – it’s gonna be THAT kind of day today.  But it IS December, so we have to expect a few of those now and then.  The weather guessers are saying that tomorrow night we could get down in the teens, so I’m going to spend some time shutting off outside water and draining hoses.  Then we have to find a way to pack 6 large dogs into our small house for a night or two to ride out the cold snap.

For those who don’t know, Marie and I are engaged in canine rescue and fostering. We have fenced in a large (1/3 acre) play yard and have two 10’ x 10’ pens with roofs, pea gravel floors and igloo style dog houses. We have adopted two of our foster dogs, Blondie Bear and Cochise, who serve as mentors to the other foster dogs. At the moment we have another 4 fosters ranging from 50-ish pounds to around 80 pounds. The two biggest fosters (80 lbs: Gator and Vega) are residing in the outdoor kennels. Tinker is a full-fledged house dog, Jasmine is in training and doing well.  Our latest addition is Vega. 

The Speckle-eared Boys

vegaVega is an 80 lb Pibble rescued from the shelter.  Amy (collector of dogs) has been visiting him there, taking him for walks and getting to know him for a few weeks.  At 3:30 p.m. yesterday Amy sprung Vega from the shelter and took him to his foster home in Parrottsville.  At 4:00 the same day she was on the phone to me saying, “Vega tore a hole in his pen and got out.  Melissa (foster mom) caught him and took him inside the house, where he peed on her bed.  Could I PLEEEEeeeeease bring him to The Rock for a couple of days while they fix his pen?”

We’ve earned a reputation as being the escape-proof dog prison (although we prefer the term “rehabilitation facility”).

Vega is next door to Gator (another Pibble and sweet as can be) who also earned a reputation as a fence-ripper.  When in the yard Vega is submissive, obedient, and friendly.  As is the case with Gator.  It isn’t so much that they hate confinement as it is that they want to be with the Peoples.  Okay, maybe they dislike confinement, but if they get regular periods of yard play and some people-loving, they will accept confinement.  Especially if regular feedings are also involved.

The Escape Attempt

I went out and checked on The Speckle-eared Boys before going to bed, and found that Vega had teased a small hole (the size of an orange) in the chain-link of his door.  I got pliers and wire and patched that.  Vega stood watching and emitting a low, steady growl.  Not aggression, just expressing his displeasure at my undoing what he had accomplished.

Then he got conversational.

Vega finally stopped barking at 2:00 this morning and I had to wonder if he was quiet because he finally went to sleep or if he’d made a hole and gotten out.  But I wasn’t going to grab a flashlight and go out there at that hour – if he was sleeping I wanted him to stay that way.  So I waited until 5:00 or so.

He was curled up in his dog house snoozing away.  All is well at The Rock.

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