The Pibble House-guest

Vega is a Pibble. A Pibble that was rescued from the local shelter. A rescued Pibble that was sent to a foster home to be loved and cared for until the Rescue can find him a Forever Home.

Unfortunately, Vega chose not to remain in his kennel at his foster home. He decided to go have himself a walk-about. That was not in his care plan!

So Vega came to stay with us just until his pen could be repaired and reinforced to prevent future walk-abouts.

His first evening here, he stayed outdoors in his pen. He didn’t want to stay in his pen, he wanted to go on a walk-about and he tried to make a hole to fulfill that desire. HairyFace caught him, patched the damage and said, “Do not do that. Bad boy.”

Vega watched intently as Hairy undid what Vega had done. He made no attempt to interfere, just watched and emitted a soft, low growl. Not aggression, just telling Hairy that he did not appreciate the intervention.

But he has since stayed in his kennel.  Mostly.

On the next day, Vega was introduced to Jasmine. They got along fine but Jasmine wanted him to chase her and Vega is not into sprinting. He’ll give chase for short bouts, then goes back to sniffing things. Jasmine tried so hard to get him to chase her that Hairy stepped in to keep her from harassing him. If she made him mad, that could be bad for her. But Vega showed no signs of being overly annoyed. Just slightly annoyed.

Later Vega was introduced to Blondie Bear. While Jasmine is 50(ish) pounds to his 80(ish) pounds, Blondie is around 90 pounds. While Jasmine is petite and slender, Blondie is built like a … well, like a bear! Vega liked that! He bounced around in a play bow and become more animated than he had all day. Blondie, however, said, “Cool your jets big boy, I don’t know you well enough to wrestle yet.”

When it got dark, it was getting cold. The weatherguesser Peoples said it was going to get down to 20 degrees. Hairy and Lady say that is too few degrees for puppers to be staying out all night.  So Hairy put together our 2nd large crate and brought the smaller one over from the shop for Jasmine to sleep in. That one is kind of cramped for her. She says, “There’s no room for my tail!” But the Peoples asked her to made-do for a night or two so the Speckle-eared Boys could have the big crates. They are big boys, they need the big crates. It’s just for a little while. Jazzy said, “Okay, but you owe me a belly rub.” And she collected on that in the morning.

pibble in a boxAt first, Gator did not like being crated. He fussed and cried and flopped around. Vega was a good boy. After this went on for an hour or so, Hairy took Gator back to his pen. Gator ran into his dog-house and curled up. But then he realized, “Hey, it’s COLD out here!” and tried to race back out the gate as Hairy closed it up. Hairy left him there for about 20 minutes and went back after him. Hairy opened the gate and Gator galloped up the path to the back door while Hairy retrieved Gator’s blanket from the dog house and met him at the door.

Gator settled in then and everyone got to sleep until about 3:30 when Gator wanted to go outside and got all fussy and crying again. Vega was being a good boy.

Hairy took Gator outside and Vega started barking, “Where are you going with my friend? Don’t throw him out in the cold!”

But Gator came back after (quickly) seeing to his need, and Hairy gave Vega a turn. He too went out, did what he could, then raced back to the door. He needed a little persuading to go back into his crate, but he went, settled in and everyone went back to sleep until NiceLady’s talky-box went off.

As HairyFace fixed breakfast for everyone, both of our Pibble-in-a-boxes sat calmly and watched. When it was time to eat, both let Hairy slide their bowl into the crate without attempting to force their way out. Both enjoyed their kibbles calmly, then Hairy took the empty bowls and gave them a bowl of water.

After breakfast everyone got a turn outside again before settling in to snooze while NiceLady went off to work and Hairy got busy doing the strange things he does every day.

Amy came by just before lunch to get Vega and take him home. We are pleased to report that he has been a gentleman (gentledog?) and a pleasant house guest. We all wish him well.

Gator, by the way, has been a good boy all morning.  I think Vega was a good influence on him.

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