A Meet n Greet for Buster


Hi, Cochise here.

HairyFace has been talking to Jen at the Newport Animal Shelter about a meet & greet between Buster and Melissa. We know this because Blondie sneaks into Hairy’s computer to look at his e-mail and Facebook when he goes out to garden.

We’re not sure what a meet & greet is but we’re pretty sure it involves a truck ride. We all like truck rides. All except Boomer. He doesn’t hate them, but he could do without them quite easily.

But Buster loves truck rides, so every morning this week when Hairy takes Buster out for a walk, Buster tows Hairy over to the truck and sits by the passenger door. “No, Buster. No truck ride today.” Even this morning – except it was different: “No, Buster. No truck ride yet. Later.”

This was part of why Buster was excited at breakfast and wanting to get on with things, he was sure he and HairyFace and NiceLady would all go for a ride after breakfast. That’s the way it usually works.

But, no! After breakfast they gave us all cookies, both of them got in the truck together and left all of us here!

Hairy came back quickly, but it looked like it would be just another normal day – until about lunch time. Then Hairy got out more cookies, brought Blondie and I inside, hooked Buster up on the leash, then he and Buster left.

We wished we could go too, but we were happy lil Buster got to go for a ride. And we hoped he was coming back. Last Friday Kingsley got to go for a ride and didn’t come back! We thought HairyFace dumped him until Blondie found him on Facebook. He’s living with a new family now and has lots of new doggie friends too. Good for Kingsley!

Anyway, Hairy brought Buster back later that afternoon and everyone seemed to be happy. Buster said they went to The Shelter and Hairy went away. That made Buster nervous, but Jen was there, and Brandy, and Bill, and Shawn, and some new people. A family. And they talked to Buster and petted him and were nice. He liked them.

Then the family went away and Jen put Buster into a crate until Hairy came back to take him home. Buster’s still not sure what that was all about, but it was fun. Especially since he got to go on a truck ride, because Buster Loves To Ride!

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