One Chilly Morn

ShareThis It is bitter cold this morning. Of course that is “bitter cold” for Tennessee, other places might find this a pleasant respite. Or maybe not: Billings Montana is showing 34° this morning!

Blondie dozingWhen I got up: around 4:00 AM, Blondie followed me out to the living area and curled up in the small snuggle bed to doze. She was not sleeping soundly because if I got up to get coffee or retrieve a book her eyes would pop open and track me until I settled into my chair once again. She didn’t move otherwise, but she was monitoring me while I studied.

Blondie bathroom monitorWhen I’d head down the hall to the bathroom she’d hop up and follow. She sat outside the door, then follow me back to the living area and her snuggle bed when I turned again to my books.

Blondie & Lancelot restingWhen Marie got up, Lancelot came out with her and settled in next to Blondie while we checked on the weather and world events and got breakfast underway. Normally, all three dogs will be up and prancing around to go outside long before Marie arises. Not today: they seem to know it’s COLD outside and want no part of it.

Cochise, warm bed cold morningCochise didn’t even bother to get up, he just stayed snuggled in his bed until Marie started urging the dogs to go out and “take care of business” so we could have breakfast. At that point, Cochise came trotting out and looked at me, “Tee shirt please?”

Cochise's Tee ShirtMarie bought him an orange tee shirt to help keep him warm on those cold-cold days. He wanted a Tennessee Vols shirt, but this was the closet she could find at Good Will, but it’s fine with him. They weren’t out long before they wanted back in.



Breakfast was served, Marie went off to work, and we settled in to get some things done. Blondie curled up next to me, Da Boyz disappeared back into the bedroom.

Cochise and Lancelot Sleeping InPretty soon there was traffic on the road out front: the school bus, a couple of noisy trucks, and someone honking a horn somewhere; all of which got Cochise up and barking. Time to go back outside. It’s funny how Cochise’s manner changes once he’s outside: no longer loud and fierce. Maybe once he can see what he’s hearing it doesn’t seem such a threat. Blondie wanted to play, Lance wasn’t really into that this morning.

Back inside to warm up and snooze a bit more.

A vagrant dog wandered down the road. Blondie began snorting like a moose and running loops in the hallway: her signal that she wants out to go say “hello”. She and Lance went back out. It was up to 15° and sunny now – that makes it feel even warmer.

Blondie - Wanna Play?I have to watch Blondie at these times because if there is any way she can wiggle under a fence, climb over a wall or sprout wings and fly away, she’ll do it to get out and go play with the Wanderer. Other times she is perfectly content to stay in the big play yard, but she can be such a socialite!

When the Wanderer wandered on down the street, Blondie came to the door and wanted in. Lancelot stayed out a while longer, wandering around sniffing the air and daydreaming – then he joined us as well.

It’s hard to tell when he wants in. Cochise will sit at the door and give me one loud bark to alert me of his presence and desire. Blondie will scratch at the door. Lance just sits on the porch, gazing off into the distance and sniffing the air until I notice that he’s out there and let him in. When it’s cold or rainy I need to check often.

When I open the door he always gives me a look as if to say, “Is it OK if I come in again?”, as though he’s expecting to be banished at any moment. But he’s been a really good boy and a well-behaved house dog. Other than finding and devouring a box of Christmas cookies he’s been a perfect house guest.

A short while later the mail carrier arrived and the dogs heard the mail box doors opening and closing down by the road. Bedlam ensued and all three demand to go out again and investigate. They’ll be back soon: it’s almost lunch time and they *know* when it’s lunch time!

After lunch I’ll bundle up and we’ll all go outside to get some things done. Cold or not, there are always things needing done. Just another day on the mountain, a little colder than we’d like but nothing we can’t handle.

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