Rain, Rain, Go Away …

Cochise does not like rain
Cochise tells the tale

Some dogs like to play in water and even in the rain. Others do not. Blondie’s yellow Labrador side sometimes entices her to go walking in a light rain, but most of the time her Pit Bull side overrules that and she prefers to stay on the porch, in the dry, and watch from there. I am an American Bulldog. I dislike getting wet. I don’t even like getting my feet wet after a rain has stopped. But that’s partly because when I go back inside the house HairyFace will clean the mud off my feet with a towel. I don’t like that: it tickles.

I like being able to run outside anytime I need to bark at something. I like laying on the stone slabs of the porch steps in the warm sunshine. I can’t do that in the rain. Even though I have a home where I can stay dry and safe when it rains, rain keeps me from doing what I want, so I don’t like the rain.

Of course, sometimes it gives me an excuse to stay in when I’m feeling lazy. And when it rains, Hairy tends to stay home and we can all be together here instead of him going out to work in the garden or mow or work in the shop. I like it better when we’re all together: especially the evenings. Then NiceLady comes home too. So, rain is OK, for that reason, but that’s the only good thing I can think of about it.

HairyFace made a couple of short videos about dogs and rain. In the first, he and I discuss rain and our feelings about it. In the second, Buster finds himself in a dilemma because it’s raining. Buster is a Pit Bull, Chocolate Lab mix whose bulldog side wins out every time about rain. He stays very calm at bath time though … very weird!


We hope you enjoyed the little videos. If so, please share them with your friends. THANKS and tail wags.

(NOTE: Buster has been adopted by a nice young family in New Jersey.)

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