Revolution In the Air of Camp Canine

Cochise OWNS the sunshine
Cochise tells the tale

NiceLady had to go to a meeting after work tonight. It is running long and she is very late. We are hungry.

HairyFace fed Buster-Bob on time because he’s not a house dog. House dogs have to wait until the Peoples eat … and we are hungry.

Blondie Bear
Who? Sweet lil me?

Blondie Bear and Cogdill have had their heads together conspiring to stage a coup: lock Hairy in a closet and storm the kibble room. Did I mention that we are very hungry?

I stayed out of that discussion. I won’t rat them out, but I won’t be in on it because I like my snuggle bed and don’t want to end up sleeping in the dog house — literally.

I don’t think Blondie would really go through with this, but if you don’t hear from HairyFace for a while, someone ought to come check the closets.

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