Rock Washer

Cochise tells the tale

Cogdill has spent almost all day out in the big play yard playing with Buster-Bob. HairyFace and Blondie were out there too. This morning HairyFace was rearranging dirt, this afternoon he was — get this — WASHING ROCKS!

rock washerHairy has been doing a lot of work on the dog pens. Some of what he’s done I understand: like moving the doors, but some of it I just don’t get. Washing rocks?

Hairy scooped all this pea gravel out of the dog pens, then leveled out the floors and laid in something he calls “rock cloth”.  He says it will keep the pea gravel from being driven down into the mud again.  That will keep the pens cleaner.

Now he’s washing the mud out of the gravel and moving it back into the pens to spread on top of the cloth stuff.  Well, whatever makes him happy.

cogdillIt got pretty warm this afternoon, so by the time HairyFace was done doing silly stuff, put B-Bob up, and brought Cogdill inside, Lil C was pretty tuckered out. So tuckered, in fact, that he was too tired to chew a favorite toy.

When he came in he snagged the toy out of his crate, started to chew it, dropped it, and flopped on the floor. “I’m SO tired, but I had such a great time!”

He really does like being outside running around and playing in the big yard. Blondie does too: she’s STILL outside.

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