Shiloh and House-Training

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Cochise tells the tale

Shiloh is a good kid and I liked her right off.  So when HairyFace decided to start house-training her after being here only a couple of weeks, I gave my approval.  As long as he teaches her that inside play is NOT the same as outside play.  She likes to sprint and tussle with Julian and Josephine out in the yard.  That won’t fly in MY house!  But Hairy knows that.

Shiloh wants inShe was eager to get started and often hung out by the back door hoping to be invited inside.

As usual he started house-training by bringing her in and straight into a wire crate.

The crate offers good visibility so she can see what goes on and feel connected, but keeps her contained and out of trouble.  She was not amused by this.

Shiloh and house-training - crateThis was a short visit.

The next time went better and she settled in and relaxed while HairyFace and us house dogs sat nearby to watch a movie together one afternoon.

Shiloh and house-trainingOnce she could be calm in her crate, Hairy let her out for a while in a closely-supervised play session.  Julian was a problem because he wanted her to play with him.  Shiloh was trying to be good and stay out of trouble, so Hairy had to tuck Julian in the crate.  Julian caught on pretty quickly and has since been less insistent.

Shiloh and house-training Josephine, on the other hand, was  a good playmate and a good example of house-training manners.

Shiloh can be a little greedy about wanting all the toys and both dog beds, but the beds are big enough for two and Josie can share toys.

Shiloh got to stay until the movie was over, then she, Julian, and Josephine went outside to play while Hairy attended to things around the house.

Shiloh now expects to be let in with us any time she’s loose in the yard.  And … that’s pretty much okay!  One morning after breakfast Julian invited her in for a play date …

She still bears close watching, but she’s been non-destructive,  shown no propensity to pee in the house (much less do the other) and can behave herself (other than thinking that the People’s sofa makes a good dog bed).

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