Blondie Joins the Fun

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Blondie Bear has been feeling poorly for the past few months: she has the itchies real bad.  She’s gone to see Dr. Sandra a couple of times.  Dr. Sandra gave HairyFace some medicine for Blondie: that helped the itchies but made her sleepy.  Now that the problem is clearing up and Blondie isn’t spending all her time either scratching or sleeping, she is getting to be her spunky self again.  And that means she can be trouble for me sometimes.

No one wants to play with me!

One Saturday afternoon everyone was home and we were all napping.  All except Josephine.  Josephine wanted to play.  She kept prodding Julian — who normally is more than willing to play any time.  But he had had a busy morning in the yard with Hairy.  But she kept trying until …

Since I am Head Mentor, it is my job to teach our padawan learner foster dogs how to behave indoors.  Julian has done well and is ready to head off to seek a forever home.  He really is a good boy, he just gets carried away sometimes.  Especially when Blondie Bear decides to join in the fun.  And … I think Blondie gave me her itchies — ARGH!

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