Silly Sun Puppies

Blondie-Cochise 131129 Sun Puppies-800The sun is shining again today, as it did yesterday, but not for a long time before that. Blondie and Cochise are making the most of it: or trying to.

The sun has not yet swung around far enough to admit much of the sunbeam through the window, just a strip in front of the sofa. They’re not allowed ON the sofa and they know it. So I put the snuggle-bed over in the sunshine for Cochise when they came in from their last exercise time and he was shivering. It’s cold out. The cold doesn’t bother Blondie, she has a heavier coat.

Cochise curled into the bed, felt the warmth of the sunshine and moaned with pleasure. Blondie stood nearby and looked at him enviously. She poked at him with her nose. He yawned at her (which in dog-speak does not mean he’s tired – in this case it was “go away you’re bothering me”).

So Blondie walked around and sat on the floor in the sunshine between Cochise and the window. But she remained sitting up – blocking the sun Cochise was enjoying. Cochise looked back at her, glaring. She ignored him and remained immobile.

Cochise got up to go discuss the situation with her, and she immediately stepped into the snuggle bed, “Thank you!” curled up and laid down. Cochise stood there gaping at her in astonishment, “But, but… that was MY spot!”

“Too bad”, Blondie yawned.

So Cochise stepped into the sunbeam and sat down, just as Blondie had. After a few moments the performance was repeated with Blondie getting up to try to intimidate Cochise and Cochise snagging the bed back.

Blondie-Cochise 131129 Sun Puppies2-800They repeated this complete routine THREE times before Blondie gave up and laid down on the quilt to await the sunbeam’s sweep across the floor.

Eventually they were both able to enjoy the sunshine.

Silly sun puppies!

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