Cheyanne is a really sweet girl who had a rough time with her heartworm treatment.  But she got through it and went on to be adopted into a great family.

Intensive Care for Cheyanne

Today Cheyanne went in for her final step in the medication for heart worm treatment: the second injection deep into her back muscles. The vet tech tells me that these injections are not very painful, so the dog is not sedated for each procedure, but the aftermath is. Cheyanne is in enough pain now that […]

More About Doug

Allan Douglas Allan Douglas was the pen name used by Douglas Allan Bittinger as a freelance writer in writing newspaper & magazine articles and web content on a variety of subjects from woodworking, to computers, from parenting to robotics. There are few topics that he could not write about. He went on to write several […]

Food Guarding In Dogs and How To Deal With It

Dogs tend to protect or “guard” things they feel are most important to them, things they feel they can’t do without. Some will guard toys, some food, some will “guard” or become vicious when others approach their people. Guarding is rarely a desirable trait. Food guarding is dangerous to other dogs and to the people […]

Piney Mountain Foster Care

Marie and I have been providing canine foster care to dogs since June of 2012. We find it to be a very rewarding experience. Some posts to this blog promote animal fostering, offer training tips and cover canine health issues. I will post the stories about our foster dogs, articles about what we’ve learned as […]


Hercules is a Boxer mix on loan through the Foster Dog Program at Newport Animal Shelter. He tested positive for heart worms and was taken off the adoptable list. We’re trying to change that and help him get a loving forever home. When it’s cold, our foster dogs sleep in crates in my heated workshop. […]

Rhonda: Queen of the Hill

Having finished the weekly radio radio program I produce first thing every Monday, I took The Kids on a walk and went past the mailbox to send the program disk out to the radio station. Then we went up to the shop yard for some play time with Cheyanne and Rhonda. Cochise refused to go […]

Malachi: Foster Dog

Malachi is an unusual dog.  Highly energetic, very talkative, and when he barks, he sounds like a turkey gobbling.  He’s so funny! Search Results for: Malachi Speak! Do Dogs Talk? Understanding Dog-speak Posted on: August 3, 2019 by: DougB Comments: Leave a comment Originally published Feb. 14, 2017 When us dogs talk, most of what […]

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Piney Mountain Foster Care is a small, all volunteer, non-profit kennel facility located on 4 acres of mountainside property in Edwina Tennessee. We got our start in 2012 by caring for dogs going through heartworm treatment.  We still do this and other medical care.  We also work with dogs with behavioral issues.  But we are […]


Silly Sun Puppies
Rhonda: Queen of the Hill