Still in Infirmary Mode

infirmary monitors

Cochise tells the tale

It is chilly and rainy today: a great day to stay in, snuggle up, and light a little fire in the fireplace … just to take the chill off.

We are still in infirmary mode: NiceLady is doing a little better but still feeling pretty poorly, so Blondie and I are taking care of her. HairyFace helps us with those little tasks that require thumbs.

All of us dogs did go out this morning despite the rain. I surprised Hairy a little by staying out quite a while, sniffing the trees and bushes and generally patrolling the yard. Having a real yard to patrol instead of just a 25 foot arc around the front porch is much more motivating even in wet weather. And it was just a drizzle, had it been pouring, I’d have stayed in.

Transport from infirmaryYesterday was a nice day. HairyFace pulled the truck up close to the porch steps. We thought he was going on another trash run and stayed close. Turns out he was taking Lady to see a doctor. We wanted to go along: we promised to be good in the waiting room, but he said, “No, not this time.” He gave us cookies as they were leaving, but it was such a nice day, I’d rather have gone for the ride.

When they got back we did get a nice long play time in the yard. Loopy Lupa was settled down more than usual. She started out roughhousing with Smokey, but gave that up after a bit. She’s developed enough speed that she can now outrun Smokey; at least in a straight line sprint. That frustrates Smokey. I think it’s funny. She still can’t out run me though: I am The Big Dog.

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