The Pop-up Thunderstorm

We had a pop-up thunderstorm roll in this morning as we were getting our day started.  It gave advance notice in the form of continuous, distant thunder so I dashed out to feed The Brown Dog Gang and let them run in the yard to relieve themselves before it arrived.  Lennon and Blondie went with me to help.  The rain started just as we were finishing up and getting them back into their kennels.

Blondie trotted up toward the house with her ears down on the sides of her head (her Yoda face) muttering, “It’s raining, it’s raining, I don’t like the rain.  I need to be inside.”

While Marie fixed breakfast, Buddy Beagle cowered in his bunker. He still barked at the thunder — until we had a close lightning strike with it’s BIG boomer that rattled the house and the power blinked. Then Buddy admitted defeat and was quiet: curled up in the back of his crate until the storm passed.

Josie hid too. In her own way.  She tried to wiggle in behind the chair, but it had been pushed back to make more room for crates.  She often goes and hides under my desk, but this morning she preferred to be where the Peoples were, so she made do with this corner.

Blondie Bear and Callie Roo followed me around and looked worried. I tried not to fawn over them much, that only encourages their fearfulness, but I’m not cold enough to just ignore them.  So they contended themselves with taking turns sitting on my feet and looking up at me imploringly.

Lennon, however, was not bothered in the least by the thunder, lightning, or the rain. This will come as good news to his next foster and his adoptive family. Lennon is NOT scared of storms.

The outside dogs never made a peep.  They too do not seem to be bothered by the storm.  But then, they had had their breakfast and a potty break, there was no wind to blow the rain around, and the new roof with it’s wide overhangs easily kept all of them dry.  The new slab is designed to make sure run-off from the mountain cannot flow across the new kennels.  So they hung out and watched the show.

The storm has passed now. Buddy went back to barking at the distant thunder until that too faded away.  Everyone else has claimed a bed for a nap.  We will be going outside soon for morning play session with The Brown Dog Gang, and kennel cleaning. Hopefully that will be all the rain we get for a while – I have things to do and places to go today.

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