Tinker Takes the Sofa After Squeakasaurous Incident

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

It was a couple of nights before Tinker got his HW treatment.  NiceLady was looking for Tinker.  He was not in his usual spot in the hallway.  She checked the snuggle beds in the bedroom, she checked in the den, she checked the futon beds in the picture box watching room, she checked the blankets around the eating table.

No Tinker.

She turned on a lamp … there he was!  Too well camouflaged to see in the semi-dark.

In our house we have a “no dogs on the people furniture” rule.  It’s only fair: they have a sofa, a chair and a bed.  We have like 6 snuggle beds and an assortment of blankets scattered around the house.

But earlier that evening Tinker had been playing with the squeakasaurus:

All was well as long as he played nice, but when he got into destruct-a-toy mode, Hairy took it away from him.  Tinker pouted for a while and in self-consolation decided he deserved a sofa session.

The peoples disagreed and (gently) made him get down.  So he pouted some more.

The irony is that had he waited and tried this after his Heartworm treatments (when he is feeling really terrible) he’d probably have gotten away with it.  Despite setting a bad precedent, they tend to cater to those being treated.  I went though that myself.  It was awful.  They deserve to be treated extra well while they recover.  Sometimes, we even let the rules slip a little.

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