Triple Dog Truck’n and Saturday Chores

Cochise tells the tale

It’s a beautiful fall Saturday and we are all enjoying being outside in it as much as we can.

This morning HairyFace loaded the trash and recycling bins into the truck and Blondie and I got excited because we know this means TRUCK RIDE!

cochise_truck-ride-151212Hairy helped me put my harness on, walked me out and belted me into the shot-gun seat. I always get shot-gun on trash days: that’s a rule. Blondie doesn’t mind: she prefers the space behind the seats because she can move around and stick her nose out either window.

As he was walking Blondie out to the truck, Tinker was standing off to the side, looking sad.

“What’s the matter Tinker?” asked Blondie.

“Nothing. You go on and have fun.”

Blondie knew what it was. She stopped walking and asked HairyFace, “May Tinker come too? I’ll share my space with him. We can both fit.”

Tinker’s tail started swinging, as he looked at Hairy hopefully. Hairy thought about if for a moment.

“Okay. If you two can both fit in there and be good, no shoving, no climbing up front, he can come too.”

Tinker and Blondie’s tails were swinging wide now as Hairy got another leash.

Thank you: I’m SO happy!

The trash run went well and we all behaved and had a great time. Once we got rolling, Tinker was excited and insisted on standing up the whole way. That made him take up more room: well over half the space available, but Blondie didn’t say anything to him at all.

When we got back, Hairy turned all of us out into the play yard while he unloaded the empty containers. We decided to go inside for a snack.

Hairy decided to do some more dirt-flinging next. Since we were all inside, he let Fido out of his pen to run for a while.

Hairy finished that up and took care of a few other yard chores, then put Fido back in his pen. Fido’s pen is what used to be Millie’s pen, but Millie is still here and NiceLady wanted her to be outside for a while. That can be a problem when Tinker and I are out as well because she tries to get us to play with her. She can be … pushy. We don’t like that. Tinker used to be happy to play with her, but he’s not feeling well. And I don’t like anyone getting in my face. Blondie handles it with her usual grace and charm, but it makes us grumpy.

Millie on coolarooSo NiceLady put Millie in Tinker’s pen and gave her a new rib bone so she’d leave his toys alone.

NiceLady spent most of the day out front rubbing brown stuff on the white parts of the front porch. She calls it “paint”, but that means nothing to me. But … if it makes her happy.

pressure washerHairy got out his Noisy-lotsa-water-squirty-thing. He said something about cleaning the siding and the deck. We’ve seen that thing in action before, so Blondie and I both went indoors.

Tinker was resting nearby on the back porch. He said to me, “I don’t know what he’s doing, but I’m not going to enjoy this; am I?”

“Nope, you aren’t. You really should come inside with us.”

So he asked Hairy to let him in too and we all hung out in the picture-box watching room while Hairy made lots of noise and made everything wet. Tinker said, “I was afraid it was bath day again. It’s about that time.”

“No,” I chuckled, “Not with that thing. He never uses that thing for dog baths.”

So Hairy did his noisy, watery, thing. Lady did her brown-stuff-rubbing thing. Fido and Millie lounged in their pens and were good. And the three of us napped away the afternoon.

We know it will be dinner time soon and on Saturdays, HairyFace makes a pizza from scratch. That always smells yummy, and we get some of the cheese and meat on our kibbles. We eat in the picture-box-watching room and after the Peoples are done eating, we furkids get special treats.

I love Saturdays!

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