A Beagley New Year

Marie and I don’t go out to whoop it up on New Years Eve.  We’re not into parties and crowds and drunk drivers, so we stay home with our dogs and have a more personal celebration.

Normally we do a meal that we can stretch out through the evening and have a themed movie marathon.  It’s a different theme each year.  This year we decided to watch episodes of the 1962 season of The Twilight Zone and eat Mexican food.

Marie made a pot of chili, we had chimichangas, and burritos, and for desert, pies cooked in the fireplace with a pie iron.

Rod Serling seems to have been obsessed with death in 1962.

I put Sable and Hudson to bed, and brought Rebel in the house, around 9:30.  Rebel watched the TV for a bit, then got bored and laid down.

Around 11:00 we all burned out and decided to go to bed.  All except Blondie: she said, “You folks have gone crazy.” and went to bed around 9:00.  The next morning …

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