Foster Review for Jan 6th, 2019


Hudson has been accepted by Eleventh Hour rescue in New Jersey and is slated to depart on the January 18th rescue run .

His health remains great and he has no behavioral issues other than not being fond of Rebel.  That still seems to hinge on their mutual admiration of Sable.  Animosity between them escalates when I let one or the other out to play with her.  Individual play times reduce hostilities.  Before either was neutered it could get tense.

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Learning table dining.

Sable is doing well.  Her health is good and she remains affectionate toward me and all of her sitters who helped out while Marie was in the hospital and I was away so much.

We did have one incident.  Sable and Callie have never gotten along.  Callie is antagonistic in that she stands outside Sable’s kennel and barks at her, irritating her.  Sable barks back.  Callie seems to think it’s some kind of game.  But it’s a dangerous game.

Marie accidentally let Callie out while I had Sable and Rebel out in the yard for play time.  I did not see who attacked who, but since Marie said Callie was insistent on going out, I suspect she started the fight that had Callie and Sable locked onto each other while Rebel dashed in to make strikes on Callie.  I managed to separate the girls while fending off Rebel and get them all back to their kennels to assess damage.

Both girls sustained punctures which I dressed with Neosporin and started each on a course of Cephalexin to ward off infection.  No tears or other wounds that would need sutures: all minor damage that has since healed up well.  But this did not improve their relationship.

As to Sable’s animosity toward the Beagles, this seems to be conditional.  When Sable is in her kennel and one or both of the Beagles are wandering around in the yard, Sable barks at them in a decidedly unfriendly way.  When Buddy is the one incarcerated, Sable pays him no mind.

I’m told that S.A.V.E. would like to take Sable, but the van for the next run is full.  She should be leaving on the February 1 rescue run.  So I have that long to continue helping her to improve her interpersonal skills … or rather her interdogonal skills.

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Rebel was neutered last Friday.  He did well and was not licking through that first day, but that night as we were settling in to sleep, he became insistent on licking.  I coned him.  He hated that.  I have not slept much since.  That’s his payback to me.  He’s SUCH a Husky!

The incision site was red and puffy the next morning so I treated it with Chlorhexadine.  It is looking much better now.  I’m hoping that by Monday night the incision will be sealed up enough to take the cone off.

Rebel’s involvement in the Callie vs Sable fight made things tense for a while because Callie was defensive against Rebel’s presence in the house.  That morphed into a defense of me from Rebel.  She is no longer hostile to Rebel, just stays close to me when Rebel is inside.  She even sleeps in the living room with us as my bodyguard.

Rebel peacefully coexisting in a room with Callie and Blondie

For Rebel’s part, right after the fight he decided that blood sport was fun and was acting on that toward all the other dogs.  But that was easy to break him of and he is again coexisting with all the other dogs, even Callie.  Now that he’s neutered, his nature should become even less confrontational.

On of the reasons Rebel has been so restless at night has been the return of diarrhea, necessitating frequent trips outside.  That started Saturday night.  Friday night was actually pretty peaceful one he finished rubbing the cone all over the inside of his crate in a tantrum.  About midnight he settled down.  Saturday his needs kept us running for the door.  Today I offered him a small tub of yogurt for the probiotics it contains.  I spoon fed it to him.  He surprised me by eating the whole tub!  Maybe that will help his tummy tonight.

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