The Beagle Box

Buddy Beagle has an odd habit of going bonkers any time I leave the house.  That’s a technical dog training term: bonkers.  It means to bark vehemently, run through the house looking out windows and, if he hasn’t emptied his bladder recently, leaving a trail as he goes.  He claws at shades and curtains.  His hyper-excited state often sucks Callie into his fit.  She can get destructive when in that state.  So it is better to not let Buddy get all lathered up.

I can crate him when I have to go outside.  He will still bark like a hunting dog on scent, but any leakage or destruction is limited to his own environ.  Callie does not get sucked into the excitement this way.  But the loud, frantic barking is annoying, at the least, and disruptive if there is anyone trying to rest or accomplish anything in the house.

I can take him outside with me as long as no beagle-unfriendly dog will be loose in the yard with us.  This keeps him quiet for about two minutes, then he’s up on the back door baying and howling and clawing the screen wanting back inside.  If Marie lets him in, he’s good for a minute then goes bonkers because I’m outside.

So I bought a Beagle Box.  My thinking is that this will provide protection from unfriendly beasts and keep him away from the house door.  And, if he gets tired of being summarily removed to the Beagle Box any time he goes bonkers as I’m leaving he may come to a point where behaving will be preferable to being beagle boxed for the duration of my outdoor chore — especially in bad weather.  Buddy does like his comforts.

And when this training exercise is over, the cost of the Beagle Box will not have been wasted because this is actually a portable kennel.  It folds up into a package compact enough to be carried in its own case.

This could be used if we take a dog (or two) to an event or show.  This would be way better than crating them when we’re not actively working them.

It’s not sturdy enough to be used as containment for small foster dogs.  This is for well behaved guests, not those who will be trying everything they can to escape and run off.  But I’m sure we will get good use out of it.

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