Working Like a Dog

Cochise tells the tale

I like to think of myself as a working breed dog. I don’t herd sheep, or guard a bunch of goats, or pull a plow, (oh, wait: do dogs do that? I guess they might somewhere. Anyhow … ) but I definitely have work to do. We all do. And we have to do it, rain, shine, or snow.

Today it’s snowing. And cold. But what must be done must be done…

Of course, our working is not all office work. My duties include facility security. That means I bark ferociously at anything that threatens to do harm to our property or Peoples: bears, moose, deer, panthers, stray dogs, cats, bunnies, falling leaves … you get the idea. I also alert the Peoples of vehicles in the road or anyone closing a car door within a half-mile of our property. These are serious threats!

I also serve as a roll-model for our foster dogs, like Volt. Blondie Bear shares this task with me.

Blondie is also HairyFace’s personal assistant, looking after him in all ways at all times, making sure he doesn’t get lonely. She rarely leaves his sight if not his side. She is also designated facility nurse: if anyone is sick, she will be there to offer sympathy and support until they are well.

Volt’s primary task is to learn how to be a good dog. That can be a confusing and trying assignment, but Blondie and I are here to help interpret what the Peoples tell him and coach him on house-dog etiquette. Since he’s sick, we don’t push him too hard; getting well so he can be adopted is part of his assignment too.

As you can see, all this is a big responsibility. But Blondie and I are up to it. We are, after all, working breed dogs!

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