Nutmeg Steele: Notes on a Foster Dog

Nutmeg Steele arrived today.

She appears to be a Black & Tan Hound. She is as sweet as can be.

We were told she’s 3 years old. The vet at her spaying said 6 months. Jen and I think more like just under a year.

She gets along with other dogs, she gets along with cats, not so good with chickens, and she rides well. We’re told she’s a “gate climber”, but we’re not sure what that means. She’ll be on a long lead when in the yard until we know if she’ll be going “over the wall” at her first opportunity. She is a little timid at first with people, but warms up quickly and becomes affectionate. Did I mention that she’s really sweet? This Nutmeg is sweet as sugar.


Stray from Greenville TN


Nutmeg is skinny, but in good shape: no wounds or deformities that I can see. She is in desperate need of a bath! I’ll take care of that ASAP.

We were told she is current on all her shots. She has been wormed. She does, however, have a worrisome cough. Amy gave me a course of Keflex antibiotic for her, hoping it’s an upper respiratory infection and not heartworms.

Nutmeg was spayed Thursday: September 7th.

Come, meet this beautiful girl:


Nutmeg has gotten past most of her timidity: all it took was one session of letting her sit in my lap while I stroked her. She is a lovey-dovey dog who needs affection. I suspect that’s been in short supply in her past.

She is now a bit rowdy — in a playful way — and I’m working on channeling that.

As for going over the wall: that has not been an issue because she stays right by my side wanting to be petted any time we’re in the yard. She can climb chain link though, especially if she has a dog house to give her a boost. She did make or find a hole in her roof one evening and went for an unauthorized walk in the play yard. I moved her dog house and reinforced the roof and she’s been fine.

Her cough is getting better. She still brings up phlegm when she gets active, but is not crusty-nosed and coughing all the time. Medication continues, and I’m crating her indoors at night because of lows in the high 40s.

Sept 10

Nutmeg’s cough is gone.

She has been playing in the yard with Sylvia, Buddy, and Josephine. All do fine.

She is still a lap-baby. And she loves having her belly rubbed. So of course the best thing in the world is to crawl up in my lap and wiggle around to roll on her back for a prolonged belly rub. Nutty’s hilarious!

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