Booker Da Brindle-Boxer Steele

  • Intake: 09/18/2017
  • From: Newport Animal Control
    (held there since early July)
  • Age: 1 year (approx.)
  • Weight: approx. 75 lbs

This fit young fellow is energetic, adventurous and up for anything. He’s ready to join your active lifestyle.

Among his favorite things are peeing on inanimate objects, truck riding, and playing with friends. He dislikes snooty folks who won’t pet him (that would be people: he has yet to meet a dog he didn’t like).

Booker is available for adoption through Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue.


Phht … who knows? He is young and does not look like he’s had a hard life. He’s been at Animal Control since early July. Since they don’t take owner surrenders, he would have been picked up as a stray and never claimed by an owner. By the looks of him, he had not been living on the street long.


Excellent. He is fit and energetic. I see no signs of injury or neglect. He has had his basic shots. Booker is an intact male (for now). He will get his rabies shot, microchip, and heartworm test when he is neutered next month (October).


Booker is happy, playful, and energetic. He has met all of our gang (informally) and has shown no signs of aggression toward any of them, or they toward him. He just wants to play with everyone.

He rode well on the way home, and was eager to load up for the ride.

Alicia at Newport Animal Control describes him as “a hoot!” He’s just full of personality.

At the moment he has no manners at all. He’s an over-grown puppy. Once we teach him some civilized behavior he will make someone with an active lifestyle an excellent companion.


Comes when called Yes Notes: Sometimes goes racing past then loops around
and comes back to sit in front or me. Just being playful.
Sits on command Mostly Notes: Wants to lean against my legs after he sits down.
Down/Off working on it Notes: Working on getting him to not jump on me or
mouth my hands and arms.
Shake/Paw not yet Notes:
Crate trained No Notes:
House broken No Notes:
Plays w/Humans Yes Notes: See video below. At first his “play” was to knock me over.
He’s learned to play in more constructive ways.
. . Notes:
. . Notes:
. . Notes:

Want More?

  • His Doggy Tail adventures will be found using his TAG
  • You will also find blurbs about him on Facebook.
  • Booker is available for adoption through Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue. Direct all questions about adoption or rescue to them. Ask questions about Booker in the comments below or e-mail me at

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