Dawson Wigglestump: Notes on a foster dog

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Last Updated: Dec. 7

Dawson is a friendly, gentle, amusing fellow.  I can’t imagine why someone starved him then dumped him.

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: Dec. 2, 2019
  • Breed: Boxer/hound mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Puppy, Young Adult, Mature, Senior
  • Weight: 53.8 Pounds
  • Neutered: Not yet
  • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
  • Temperament: Sweet, playful, loving
  • Gets Along with: People, Dogs, Cats
  • Crate Trained: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes No
  • Departure date: December 7th, 2019


Dawson was dumped by someone at the end of a dead-end road in Del Rio. He was 30 pounds under-weight and in pretty rough shape, but still a sweet boy. A local called Animal Control to come rescue him.  He weighed 46.1 pounds at that time – should be at least 70 pounds!  Friends Animal Shelter put eight pounds on him before he came here.  I’ll finish the job so they can adopt him into a GOOD home.

Progress Summary:

Detailed notes on this foster dog’s progress are posted below the summary.

Dog to Dog Behavior

  • Relates well to other dogs: Yes
  • Can eat food/treats near other dogs: No Yes
  • Preferred style of play: He likes to play with a large ball.  Hasn’t initiated play with Blondie yet.

Dog to People Behavior

  • Is affectionate: Yes
  • Is good with:
    . Men: Yes
    . Women: Yes
    . Children: Unknown
  • Jumps up on people: He bounces into me in play.
  • Mouths: No
  • Walks well on a leash: Yes

House Dog Training

  • Willingly enters his crate: Yes
  • Is calm/quiet while in crate: Yes
  • Understands going outside to potty: No Yes
  • Alerts me of need to go outside: No Yes
  • Is destructive of bedding and/or toys: No
  • Refrains from kitchen counter cruising: No Yes
  • Stays off people furniture: No Yes


  • Comes when called: Getting better
  • Sits on command: Yes
  • Down / Off: No
  • Shake / Paw: No
  • Kennels on command: With bribery

Dawson’s Medical

  • DA2PP: 11/19/2019 (FAS)
    . Booster:
  • Bordatella: 11/19/2019 (FAS)
  • Wormed: 11/19/2019, Panacur, 9 ml (FAS)
  • Rabies: NEEDED
  • Spay/Neuter: NEEDED
  • Heartworm Test: NEEDED, result (by)
  • Flea/Tick preventative:
    . date, product, dose
  • Heartworm preventative:
    . date, product, dose
  • NOTES:
    . At intake he has a bad case of runny stool due to his digestive system shutting down from starvation.  I’ll add sweet potato to his kibble to help regulate the bowels.


1 cup 4Health Salmon & Potato recipe with Coconut oil and fresh sweet potato added,  5 times daily


In chronological order, newest at the bottom. Some pictures are linked to a more detailed Doggy Tale about that update, click those to open the related story.

Progress Updates

When picked up by Animal Control, Dawson weighed only 46.1 pounds when he should be at least 70 pounds.  He was described to me as being “skin on bones”.  He is approximately 1 year old, maybe a bit less.  Probably someone’s Christmas puppy last year, now dumped to make room for this years “gift”.  His digestive system isn’t working right from having been empty for too long.  We’re addressing that with pureed pumpkin and small, frequent meals.

When I picked him up he met the shelter cat on his way to the scales.  He gave the cat a friendly, “Hello there!” and kept walking.

Dec. 02

His first day has been spent settling in.  Our gang has been out to meet him and no one had any disparaging words.  Except Spartacus the 23 pound beagle.  He stood up on fencing and baroo’d several times, telling Dawson that he is boss here.  Dawson cocked his head and looked at him with a “you’ve GOT to be kidding me” look.

Dawson found a yard ball and had a great time playing with it while I set up a crate in the bunkhouse for him to sleep in at night.  Bandit will be glad to have a roomie again.

This big boy is going to go through a LOT of kibble as we get some weight back on him, and coconut oil, and canned pumpkin.  If anyone would like to help us with that expense, we’d be ever-so grateful.

Dec. 5

Over the past couple of days, adding mushed up sweet potato (from my garden) to Dawson’s kibble has done wonders for his diarrhea.  He’s passing almost normal stools now.  And I think his bones are not showing through quite as sharply as they were.  He’s getting kibble measured for a dog of 125 pounds PLUS coconut oil.  He’s fed at 5:30 am, 9:00 am, noon, 3:00 pm, and 5:30 pm.

He goes inside at night to sleep and he is good about going into his crate and settling for the night.  In the morning he’s eager to get out but does not drag me back to the play yard.  He eats his breakfast, makes a quick potty run, then returns to his room (kennel) to settle in on the blankets on his Kuranda with his chew toys and his ball.  He LOVES that ball!

Dec. 7

Im going WHERE!?
I’m going WHERE!?

Last night we got back late (just before midnight) from a transport and I was messaging with Elisha at Friends Animal Shelter.  She said that a rescue in Boston had seen this page and really wants Dawson.  I mean REALLY want’s him, and they want him ASAP.  So I took Dawson back to FAS this morning where he will hook up with Brother Wolf (from Asheville NC), who will facilitate his transport to Boston.  Wow!

It has been a genuine pleasure working with this handsome fellow.  I loved the way when I’d bring his food to him (in a zip-lock baggie because I made up the days supply every morning) he’d put a paw on his dish and scoot it back and forth, indicating, “Here it it, this is my dish.  Put the food in here so I can eat.  I’m SO hungry!”  But he never went after the baggie or tried to take the food away from me.  Handsome and polite!  Happy tails, big fella!

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4 comments on “Dawson Wigglestump: Notes on a foster dog

  1. Herbert Young

    If he has not been adopted I can pick him up Friday. We have a big farm and plenty of room for him to run and play. He will be indoors on the couch. we have a boxer same age. Needs a buddy. We have been looking. he is perfect

    • DougB

      That sounds wonderful, Herbert, but he’s going to need a couple of weeks of intensive feeding and gastric care before he will be adoptable. When he’s ready, the adoption will be handled by Friends Animal Shelter in Newport TN. He’s their dog. But I’m sure they’d be happy to take an adoption application ahead of time. That would put you at the head of the line for considering when the time comes.
      Address: 420 Humane Rd, Newport, TN 37821
      Phone: (423) 532-8475

  2. Herbert young

    I’m wanting to have Dawson he’s exactly what I’m looking for please hold him for me I’ll be over to fill out the paperwork tomorrow or the next day.please put me as the first person to get him he’ll be at a good home the rest of his life Thank Y’all

    • DougB

      Unfortunately, Herbert, Dawson is gone. You can check the notes on his page for details, but Friends Shelter sent Dawson off to Boston Saturday.

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