Rebel Steele

Rebel is a gorgeous Husky and a sweet, attentive boy with a playful personality.

Last updated: March 6, 2019

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: Nov 14, 2018
  • Breed: Husky
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young, Adult, Mature, Senior
  • Weight: Arrived at 45 pounds (should be closer to 70) we are over-feeding on a prescription diet to build his weight quickly. 52 pounds Dec. 7. 65.2 pounds Jan 28. Time to start tapering off.
  • Neutered: Jan 4, 2019
  • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
  • Temperament: Mild mannered and affable
  • Gets Along with Dogs: Yes
  • Gets Along with People: Yes
  • Housebroken/Crate Trained: Yes
  • Departure date: March 1st, 2019 –> A Pathway To Hope Rescue


About two years ago Rebel was purchased as a puppy for a young man in high school. That young man is now preparing to graduate and go off to college and he realizes that he’s not providing the care that Rebel needs. He and his mom decided to surrender Rebel to Steele Away Home so that he can find a family that can care for him properly.

Known Issues & Progress

Rebel is extremely thin from not eating.

Appetite is vastly improved and he is gaining weight. See notes for Dec. 8th for details.

The only issue remaining is a tendency to diarrhea, but that is controllable by giving him 2 heaping tablespoons of yogurt with his breakfast. The probiotics keep his gut healthy. I’ve tried him on peach flavored and vanilla flavored, he likes both equally well. He does NOT like plain yogurt, he says it’s “nasty”. I serve it in a separate dish, and if I forget to give him this, he sits and looks at his kibble, “Hey! Where is my appetizer?” Although, he is fine with just a bowl of kibble at dinner time.

Personality Issues

All the issues I’m dealing with in Rebel are perfectly natural for a Husky. They have a personality all their own and can be a handful for people not accustomed to Huskies. But if you know what you’re doing (or are willing to learn) Huskies make wonderful, entertaining companions.

Rebel gets along well with all of my house dogs, was enamored of Sable (fawn colored fem GSD), is now quite fond of Selma, and likes to play with Blondie Bear. Rebel seems to prefer blondes!


  • DA2PP: 12/08/2018 (S.A.H.)
  • Bordatella: 12/08/2018 (S.A.H.)
  • Wormed: Nov 15, 16, 17, Fendbendazole: 12 ml (PMFC)
  • Wormed: Nov 23, 24, 25, Panacur: 10.3 ml (PMFC per Cedarwood)
  • Rabies: Jan. 4th, 2019 by Paws & Claws
  • Neuter: Jan. 4th, 2019 by Paws & Claws
  • Flea/Tick preventative: Nov 26th, 2018 Advantage (PMFC)
    . Jan 5th, 2019 Advantage (PMFC)
  • Heartworm preventative: Jan. 5th, 2019 NuHeart (PMFC)
    . Feb 1st, 2019 Ivermectin (PMFC)
    . Feb 9th, 2019 NuHeart (PMFC)
  • Heartworm Test – Jan. 4, 2019 NEGATIVE (Paws & Claws)

Progress Notes

Updates on foster dogs are posted regularly. For a listing of updates that include Rebel [click here]


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Some pictures are linked to Doggy Tales and videos about Rebel, click those to open the related story or video.

Rebel transported well.

Rebel is a handsome boy!

Silly too!

His reaction to EVERYTHING I’ve tried to feed him. (video)

Sable and Rebel get to play together. (video)

Rebel’s Food Rebellion (story)

Husky says “NO CRATE!” (Story)

Let’s hear that Rebel Yell (video)

It’s time for bed. Will Rebel come in when I call him? (video)

Where Rebel Sleeps (story)

Helping me work in the den.

Doesn’t like crating, but likes the cold rain outside even less. “This is good.”

But … petting me will help you study.

Rebel enjoys being groomed. (video)

Sable and Rebel in Gentle Play (video)

The Rebel Review for December (article)

Rebel peacefully coexisting in a room with Callie and Blondie

Rebel likes yogurt. Used as gut repair.

Staying put and being calm after I leave the room.

I’ll guard this oven full of dog cookies for you.

Sleeping in the bedroom!

Husky on the Beagle Bench – Watching Dog

Willing cookie testers!

Is it bed time yet? SO sleepy!

Rebel & Selma’s 1st play time together (story/vid)

Dino is Rebel’s FAVORITE toy

It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and watch you eat.

The daily hairball

He wants to be included in petathon

Callie tries to negotiate a deal with Rebel (video)

Rebel has arrived safely in New Jersey.
He says, “These folks talk funny.”
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