Spirit Huskador: Notes on a foster dog

This playful, spirited  boy is just a pup and has not had much if any training, but we’ll get him settled down and teach him to be a Good Boy.

Last Updated: June 13, 2020

Base Info:

    • Arrival date: Apr. 30, 2020
    • Breed: Husky / Black Lab mix
    • Sex: Male
    • Age: Youth,  Adult, Mature, Senior
      Birthdate: November 2019
    • Weight: 24.3 Pounds
    • Neutered: May 14, 2020
    • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
    • Temperament: Playful, vigorous, affectionate
    • PetFinder Listing
    • Available for adoption?  ADOPTED
    • Departure date: June 12, 2020


Spirit was one of four dogs surrendered by a family claiming they were moving and they could not afford to support the dogs.  Spirit spent only a few hours at the Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County before we happened by and agreed to take him.  The shelter manager knew he, being a Husky, would degrade quickly  in close confinement.  She also wants him adopted to someone experienced in handling Huskies, which she is not likely to find locally.  We are able to give him more comfortable accommodations and cast a wider net for a proper permanent home, so we took him with us.

Spirit’s Progress Summary:

Detailed notes on this foster dog’s progress are posted below the summary.

Relational Behavior

  • Relates well to other dogs: Some dogs.
  • Can eat food/treats near other dogs: No
  • Preferred style of play: RUNNING and nipping
  • Is affectionate: Yes
  • Is good with:
    . Men: Yes
    . Women: Yes
    . Children: Yes (Too rowdy for toddlers)
    . Cats: Unknown but probably not (Husky)
  • Jumps up on people: Likes to give hugs
  • Mouths: Yes, but doing better.
  • Walks well on a leash: No.  Working on that.

House Dog Training

  • Willingly enters his crate: No Yes
  • Is calm/quiet while in crate: No Yes
  • Understands going outside to potty: Yes
  • Alerts me of need to go outside: Yes
  • Is destructive of bedding and/or toys: Yes
  • Refrains from kitchen counter cruising: No Yes
  • Stays off people furniture: No Yes



  • Comes when called: Yes
  • Sits on command: Yes
  • Down / Off: Yes
  • Shake / Paw: Not yet
  • Kennels on command: Not reliably, almost


  • DA2PP: 04/30/2020 Friends Animal Shelter
    . Booster: 05/14/2020 (Cedarwood)
  • Bordatella: 04/30/2020 FAS
  • Wormed: Dates | Product | Dose | By
    .   04/30 – 05/02  Panacur  5ml  PMFC
  • Rabies: May 14 Cedarwood Veterinary
  • Neuter: May 14 Cedarwood Veterinary
  • Heartworm Test:
    .  May 14 Cedarwood Veterinary: NEGATIVE
  • Flea/Tick preventative:
    .  05/03/2020 Fipronil 9.70% 23-45 pounds
  • Heartworm preventative:
    . 05/15/2020, Ivermectin, .25 ml
  • Microchipped? YES (PetKey) Not yet registered.
  • NOTES:
    .  Thin and bony under his fur, working on that
    .  Carprophen (75 mg) given for 5 days after neuter.


4health Puppy kibble, 1½ cups AM, 1½ cups PM.  Retriever Beef Stick mid-day, PMFC Peanut Butter Cookies for compliance.


In chronological order, newest at the bottom.

Progress Updates

Progress notes are listed below, in chronological order, newest at the bottom.

May 3

Spirit has been with us a few days now and we’ve had a chance to evaluate his behavior.

He is a rowdy boy and tends to get wild when we interact with him.  But, when we catch a moment when he settles to pet him, he calms down immediately and will happily stand, leaning against our legs, enjoying his petting.  When he’s had enough petting he wanders off into the yard to play.  If we stop too soon he gets rowdy again.

Being a Husky he is vocal, but he is quiet at night.  He is playful, but a bit assertive with the other dogs.  I’m working on helping him learn his place in the pack.  Getting him neutered will help.

He does guard-food.  As skinny as he is that’s not surprising.  I would not feed him with other dogs yet.

He appears to be in good health.  He’s been wormed and saw no worms being ejected.  We’ll get his rabies, microchip, and a health screening as soon as we can schedule the neuter.

May 5

Being just a puppy, Spirit has an energetic, playful side. But he also has a sweet, attentive side. But, it would seem, no middle ground at all!

May 11

In the past I have allowed Spirit to play in the yard with some of the other dogs.  He did fine with Buddy: he intimidates lil Josephine, but she hunkers down and waits for him to lose interest.  Blondie will play with him sometimes and when he gets too rowdy she tells him off.  Generally he listens and runs off to play in the yard.  I don’t trust him around Callie.  Callie has been getting … reactive, to pushy dogs.  Best to keep them separate for now.

Spirit has started being hateful toward other dogs when they are in the yard and he is kenneled, especially Callie and Buddy.  I assumed it was because they were free and he confined.  The other day I let Spirit out of his kennel with Buddy in the yard.  Spirit was on a long lead.  He took off toward Buddy and I clamped down on that lead.  I burned my hand, but stopped him a couple feet short of Buddy while Spirit snapped and snarled at Buddy.  Buddy just stood there looking at him like, “What’s YOUR problem?”  I reeled Spirit in and put him back in his kennel.

Blondie is big enough to intimidate him when he gets too rowdy, I’m keeping him away from the Beagles for now.  He’s scheduled to be neutered later this week, maybe that will take the spit and vinegar out of him.

May 14

Spirit was neutered today.  He passed his Heartworm test, so I can put him on a preventative.  He was clear of intestinal parasites.  And he did well in his surgery.  He rebounded quickly and has been quite active and HUNGRY since he got home.  I am having trouble keeping a cone on him, being a Husky he is quite clever in finding ways to get it off (and chew it up).  This will likely be this cone’s last tour of duty!

May 19

Spirit has done exceptionally well in his surgery recovery and in his efforts to destroy the cone he wears to keep him from licking at his incision.

May 22

Spirit finds the cone he’s wearing frustrating and entertaining at the same time.  It impedes his free movement, limits his vision, and interferes with feeding and drinking.  He learned quickly to hold his head up while running so the cone does not dig in and send him into a somersault.  Eating and drinking are still a comically messy process because the cone tends to flip his dish over.

When bored, he does his best to eat the cone.  He has gotten out of it a couple of times, but he did not go straight to licking his incision.  That is still looking fine, and I will remove (and dispose of) his cone Sunday evening.  That will reduce his frustration level and make him more compliant again.

May 30

Spirit had a meet-n-greet with Alicia and her dog, Savage.  Savage is a full-blooded Husky and Alicia has done a great job of training him, he is a calm, gentle, patient fellow.  Alicia wants a play mate for Savage, but as we brought them together Spirit insisted on trying to nip Savage in the face.  I had Spirit on a lead so I was able to prevent that from happening, but he would not be dissuaded.  We eventually labeled this attempt a failure and they left.  I downgraded is rating for dog compatibility a notch.  I think he was trying to play, but it was inappropriate play.


We have had inquiries about adopting him.  As to “Is he housebroken?”, I have to answer: probably.

He was living with a family and three other dogs.  I do not know what their living arrangements were, but Spirit definitely knows what the door to the house is and wants in there.  When he needs to potty he does yell for me and if I’m quick he will hold it until released into the yard.

He plays hard and is destructive of blankets and toys.  Not in an aggressive way, just being playful.  I would crate him when left alone in a home for an extended time, at least until he learns the routine and rules of your home.

Why Limited to a Husky-Experienced Home?

Huskies are a unique breed in the dog world.  They are exceptionally smart, and as is typical of the smarter breeds, they tend to be … opinionated.  If you let them, they will dominate your home.  Heading that off is not difficult, it just takes consistency in making it clear that you are the pack leader.  Most Huskies also shed like crazy — this has not been the case with Spirit, but as a rule, they do.  Huskies tend to be vocal and like to converse with their owners, sometimes loudly.  Huskies are strong, energetic dogs with tons of stamina (sled dogs, duh!).  If any of this will grate on your nerves, you do not want a Husky.

Not long ago shelters worked through a glut of Huskies because people saw them on Game of Thrones and wanted one, only to find they were not prepared for Husky ownership and dumped them.  I know, I worked in a shelter then and saw it first hand.  It was heart breaking seeing these gorgeous, personality filled dogs being adopted because they were Huskies and then returned days later because they were … Huskies.

But, for those who will set and maintain boundaries; have the time, space, and energy to work with the dog; and own a good vacuum; Huskies are highly rewarding and entertaining companions.

On the Up Side

For a Husky, Spirit is not as vocal as most (usually), he hardly sheds at all, he likes to play in water, and he is quite a lover (all traits he gets from his Lab side).  And he is a gorgeous dog.  He’s really smart.  Small for a Husky, he’s easier to leash walk.  He will make a great companion … for someone who isn’t expecting him to be a lazy Labrador.

June 12, 2020

I love you, Mamma, take me home with you!

After quite a few inquiries and two false starts on adoption (both fell through after being approved), Spirit was adopted today.  His new Mom has lots of Husky experience, a fenced yard, and her references checked out glowingly and quickly.   She had all the information I needed and we don’t (can’t) do home inspections, so I saw no good reason to make her wait while we considered it.  I did call the other member of the adoption committee and discussed it with her, so it was still done “by the book” it’s just a smaller book than what rescues do.

Spirit looked a little confused at first, “Where are we going, Mamma?” But he settled in and once they got to hi new home had had TOYS to play with and gas to lounge in, an ladies to dote on him. He’s a HAPPY BOY!

Happy tails, Spirit!

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Martin NAC: Notes on a foster dog

This is a foster dog diary post about Martin. New information will be added to the end of this post so all info on this dog is kept in one place and in chronological order. If you subscribe for updates, a short note will be sent when updates are posted. If you don’t subscribe, check back periodically to see what’s been added.

Last Updated: Dec. 24, 2019

This sweet, affectionate little fellow looks like a puppy, but he’s not.  He is almost 2 years old, thus fully grown, and a really good boy.

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: Aug. 23
  • Breed: Golden Retriever / Black Lab / Husky
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Puppy, Young Adult, Mature, Senior
  • Weight: 47 Pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: Sept 4th, 2019
  • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
  • Temperament: Gentle, sweet, well-behaved.
  • Gets Along with Dogs: Yes, loves to play.
  • Gets Along with Cats: Yes.  If they run, he will chase.  If they confront him, he backs down.
  • Gets Along with People: Yes
  • Gets Along with Children: Yes, he loves kids.
  • Housebroken/Crate Trained: Yes.
  • Departure date: August 26th  October 21, 2019 November 8, 2019


This precious boy was removed from an abusive environment, along with several other dogs.  He was living in a small pen on someone’s porch.  But you would not know it by his behavior, he is as loving and eager to please and any dog from a perfect home.  Martin was adopted, and well loved, but had to be returned due to no fault of his own.

Progress Summary:

Detailed notes on this foster dog’s progress are posted below the summary.

Dog to Dog Behavior

  • Relates well to other dogs: Yes
  • Can eat food/treats near other dogs

Dog to People Behavior

  • Is affectionate: Yes (gives great hugs)
  • Is good with:
    . Men: Yes
    . Women: Yes
    . Children: Yes
  • Jumps up on people: Not really, gives gentle hugs
  • Mouths: No
  • Walks well on a leash: Yes

House Dog Training

  • Willingly enters his crate: Yes
  • Is calm/quiet while in crate: Yes
  • Understands going outside to potty: Yes
  • Alerts me of need to go outside: Yes
  • Is destructive of bedding and/or toys: No
  • Refrains from kitchen counter cruising: No
  • Stays off people furniture: Mostly We allow him on the people bed, not on the living room furniture.


  • Comes when called: Yes
  • Sits on command: Yes
  • Down / Off: Yes
  • Shake / Paw: Yes
  • Crates on command: Yes (with bribe)


  • DA2PP: 08/21/2019 (NAC)
    .             10/28/2019 (PMFC)
  • Bordatella: 08/21/2019 (NAC)
    .                   10/28/2019 (PMFC)
  • Wormed:
    . 10/26 – 10/28/2019, Fendbendazole, 10 ml
  • Rabies: 08/22/2019 (Cedarwood)
  • Spay/Neuter: Sept 4, 2019 (Cedarwood)
  • Heartworm Test: 10/31/2019 – Neg (Cedarwood)
  • Flea/Tick preventative:
    . 08/22/2019, Capstar, 25+ lbs
    . Early Sept, Frontline
    . 10/18/2019, Fipronil, 45-88 lbs
  • Heartworm preventative:
    . 10/18/2019, Ivermectin/Glycerine, 0.5 ml

Progress Updates

In chronological order, newest at the bottom.

Aug 26

We only had the privilege of fostering this sweet boy for a weekend.  We “borrowed” him from Newport Animal Control because we knew he was gentle, calm, and affectionate, as well as being a really good looking dog.  The Quilts & Canines event was coming up and we figured that would be a great venue to help this boy find a forever home.

I picked him up on Friday and took him to our favorite groomer: Kathy’s Grooming Parlor in Newport.  She brushed all the under fur out and bathed him.  He came out looking and smelling so much better.  He came home and spent the night with us. and we took him to the show on Saturday.

We put him in a portable kennel in front of our booth.  It had a roof to keep the rain and or sun off of him.  Many people came over to visit with him.  Almost all commented on what a well behaved boy he is.  Several said they’d adopt him in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for (something).

Someone we are familiar with who was also a “vendor” at the show, came to visit him several times.  Finally she said that she just loved this boy and would adopt him in a minute, but can’t afford the adoption fee right now.  Another near-by “vendor”, Cathy, overheard this conversation.  A little while after Ms. R left, Cathy came and asked if she could take Martin for a walk.  We know Cathy well and were confident in her ability to manage Martin.

They walked around the perimeter of the show and ended up at Ms. R’s tent.  There they stood and talked for a while.  Then they called me over.  We discussed several things including what was involved in an adoption and what the adoption fee covers.  It’s really quite a bargain, there is no “profit” involved for either Animal Control or the Veterinarian.

Then Cathy said, “If I pay the adoption fee and a couple months of food, would you adopt Martin and give him a good home?”

Ms. R said, “Yes, I’d be happy too” and just then, Martin stood up and hugged her!  We were all near tears at that point.

I filled out the adoption paperwork with Ms. R and we agreed on a time to meet at Animal Control so they could finalize things and schedule Martin’s surgery.

That appointment went off without a hitch this morning, and Ms. R took her new family member home with her.

Oct. 18

But it seems the fencing Ms. R has around her yard is not high enough to keep Martin in her yard and she’s afraid he’s going to get hurt by running loose.  So, with a broken heart, she returned Martin.  We will begin looking for another home for this sweet boy.

Later that afternoon …

It has been an afternoon of whirlwind communications.  The connections that were made here are multi-faceted and difficult to explain, but there was a lady, Martha, who stopped by to visit with Martin several times while we had him at Quilts and Canines.  She was thinking about adopting him but wasn’t sure she and her husband were ready for another: their last dog had died of old age not long ago.  By the time she decided she did want to do this, Martin had already been adopted by Ms.R.  Martha was disappointed, but thought, “If that wasn’t Gods plan for them …”

Today I put the word out that he was available again and it worked it’s way quickly back to Martha.  Martha called me.  We discussed things.  I liked what I heard, she liked what she heard.  We have a meet & greet between Martin and Martha and her husband scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  We are excited and hopeful.

Oct 19

Martin came in after he had dinner to join our gang for Friday Sci-Fi night.  The dogs all got chewies while Marie and I ate dinner.  When the dishes and tray tables were cleared away  Martin came out to cuddle with Marie in front of the fire.

Teach me how to Facebook, Doug!

At bed time Martin went back to his crate and did fine while we were milling around getting ready.  When we settled and the lights went out Martin got lonely and fussy, so I went to sleep on the sofa to be near him.  That made him happy and he slept through the night.

This morning he got up and went outside to pee with the other house dogs, then Martin and I went to the den to kill time on the computer.  Martin wanted to help.

I took Martin outside and he played with Blondie Bear while I cleaned kennels.  He was ZOOMING around and having just the BEST time!  That wore him out and when we went inside I trimmed his toenails, wiped the dust and dirt off of him with a damp cloth, then brushed him out.  He gave me no trouble at all with any of this.  He is SUCH a good boy!  He’s resting in his crate with a hoofie until it’s time to go meet his potential new family.

Martin says, “Yeah, I’d like living here.”

The meet-n-greet went well.  They loved Martin, Martin enjoyed running around in their large fenced back yard, which includes a large gazebo with a BED in it!  A large house with lots of rooms to explore, and he was perfectly well-behaved  — well, except for eating a bowl of cat food.  But no one held that against him since it WAS on the floor.  He liked both Martha and Dick, and wanted to meet their cats, but the cats were hiding.

“I need a snuggle.”

Martin came back home with us for the weekend to give his new family time to prepare for him to move in.  We will do the paperwork and make it all official on Monday.  Dick and Martha have a history of taking in unwanted dogs and keeping them until they pass on of old age.  They have no dogs at the moment, their last one having been euthanized to end her pain after having been with them for 16 years.  They said they weren’t going to get any more dogs.  But then Martha met Martin … well, one more.

Oct 21

We all met at Newport Animal Control so the management there could fill out the paperwork and make the adoption legal.  Then Martin went home with Mommy and Daddy who are having a tough time remembering to refer to martin as he or him because their past several dogs (all long term pets) were female and that pattern is ingrained.  Martin says, “I don’t care, as long as you love me.”

Oct 25

We are 0 for2 with Martin, and the reason for the return this time is even more sad than his losing another home.

Martins new dog Daddy is the one who stays home with Martin during the days.  Mom works most weekdays.  It seems having a bouncy 50 pound dog around has  brought home to them just how bad Dad’s health issues are.  Martha told me, “I don’t know which is worse, losing Martin or realizing that my husband is so sick.”

Martin even came to an understanding with their cats.

My heart goes out to them, this is really hard for them both.

Martin is back here with us, and we think we have a solution for him.  I’m waiting on a return message, then we’ll know.

UPDATE: Animal Rescue Network of New England has accepted him and has made reservations on a rescue transport that rolls through here Friday, November 8th.  He needs a couple of tests done and a Health Certification before he can travel across state lines, but three times should be the charm for this charming boy.

Nov. 1

Martins Health Certification went well yesterday.  He is healthy over all, free of heartworms and free of intestinal parasites.  So he is cleared for interstate travel next weekend.  He likes playing outdoors in this chilly weather, he should do well in New England.  He’s also quite entertaining at meal times.  We enjoy dinner and a show with him around.

Nov 2

We have a ‘No Dogs On the People Furniture’ rule in our house.  Guess who feels he’s above the rules?

Nov. 8

This morning we were admiring Martin’s wonderful feet. When we were done he said, “OK, I let you see my feet, now you owe me a belly rub.”

On the way to meet Martins ride to New Hampshire, Martin decided he liked looking out my window best.  Once we met up with the PETS Transport, Martin was eager to ride in the BIG truck.  At one point he was standing on his hinders with his fore-paws up on the ladder trying his best to get up there by himself like the driver had.  He could not quite manage that so I lifted him up there once the driver had Martin’s roomette set up for him with the blanket and hoofie we brought along.

Safe travels, dear Martin!

Dec 24

Martin, has been traveling the East Coast with his foster-to-adopt family.  That family has decided they officially LOVE this boy and officially adopted him today.  They’re calling him Duncan.  Martin says, “That’s okay as long as I get to sleep on the bed.”

The young man in the photo is a home-schooled teen who is his best friend.  He takes him for walks several times a day and rides his bike with Martin running alongside.  He spends a lot of time with Martin.

This is another example of shelters, fosters, and rescues working together to save canine lives and improve human lives.

A tip of the hat to City of Newport Animal Control for pulling him out of a bad situation, and Animal Rescue Network of New England for finding him the perfect forever home.  Merry Christmas, Martin!

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Rebel Steele

Rebel is a gorgeous Husky and a sweet, attentive boy with a playful personality.

Last updated: March 6, 2019

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: Nov 14, 2018
  • Breed: Husky
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young, Adult, Mature, Senior
  • Weight: Arrived at 45 pounds (should be closer to 70) we are over-feeding on a prescription diet to build his weight quickly. 52 pounds Dec. 7. 65.2 pounds Jan 28. Time to start tapering off.
  • Neutered: Jan 4, 2019
  • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
  • Temperament: Mild mannered and affable
  • Gets Along with Dogs: Yes
  • Gets Along with People: Yes
  • Housebroken/Crate Trained: Yes
  • Departure date: March 1st, 2019 –> A Pathway To Hope Rescue


About two years ago Rebel was purchased as a puppy for a young man in high school. That young man is now preparing to graduate and go off to college and he realizes that he’s not providing the care that Rebel needs. He and his mom decided to surrender Rebel to Steele Away Home so that he can find a family that can care for him properly.

Known Issues & Progress

Rebel is extremely thin from not eating.

Appetite is vastly improved and he is gaining weight. See notes for Dec. 8th for details.

The only issue remaining is a tendency to diarrhea, but that is controllable by giving him 2 heaping tablespoons of yogurt with his breakfast. The probiotics keep his gut healthy. I’ve tried him on peach flavored and vanilla flavored, he likes both equally well. He does NOT like plain yogurt, he says it’s “nasty”. I serve it in a separate dish, and if I forget to give him this, he sits and looks at his kibble, “Hey! Where is my appetizer?” Although, he is fine with just a bowl of kibble at dinner time.

Personality Issues

All the issues I’m dealing with in Rebel are perfectly natural for a Husky. They have a personality all their own and can be a handful for people not accustomed to Huskies. But if you know what you’re doing (or are willing to learn) Huskies make wonderful, entertaining companions.

Rebel gets along well with all of my house dogs, was enamored of Sable (fawn colored fem GSD), is now quite fond of Selma, and likes to play with Blondie Bear. Rebel seems to prefer blondes!


  • DA2PP: 12/08/2018 (S.A.H.)
  • Bordatella: 12/08/2018 (S.A.H.)
  • Wormed: Nov 15, 16, 17, Fendbendazole: 12 ml (PMFC)
  • Wormed: Nov 23, 24, 25, Panacur: 10.3 ml (PMFC per Cedarwood)
  • Rabies: Jan. 4th, 2019 by Paws & Claws
  • Neuter: Jan. 4th, 2019 by Paws & Claws
  • Flea/Tick preventative: Nov 26th, 2018 Advantage (PMFC)
    . Jan 5th, 2019 Advantage (PMFC)
  • Heartworm preventative: Jan. 5th, 2019 NuHeart (PMFC)
    . Feb 1st, 2019 Ivermectin (PMFC)
    . Feb 9th, 2019 NuHeart (PMFC)
  • Heartworm Test – Jan. 4, 2019 NEGATIVE (Paws & Claws)

Progress Notes

Updates on foster dogs are posted regularly. For a listing of updates that include Rebel [click here]


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Some pictures are linked to Doggy Tales and videos about Rebel, click those to open the related story or video.

Rebel transported well.

Rebel is a handsome boy!

Silly too!

His reaction to EVERYTHING I’ve tried to feed him. (video)

Sable and Rebel get to play together. (video)

Rebel’s Food Rebellion (story)

Husky says “NO CRATE!” (Story)

Let’s hear that Rebel Yell (video)

It’s time for bed. Will Rebel come in when I call him? (video)

Where Rebel Sleeps (story)

Helping me work in the den.

Doesn’t like crating, but likes the cold rain outside even less. “This is good.”

But … petting me will help you study.

Rebel enjoys being groomed. (video)

Sable and Rebel in Gentle Play (video)

The Rebel Review for December (article)

Rebel peacefully coexisting in a room with Callie and Blondie

Rebel likes yogurt. Used as gut repair.

Staying put and being calm after I leave the room.

I’ll guard this oven full of dog cookies for you.

Sleeping in the bedroom!

Husky on the Beagle Bench – Watching Dog

Willing cookie testers!

Is it bed time yet? SO sleepy!

Rebel & Selma’s 1st play time together (story/vid)

Dino is Rebel’s FAVORITE toy

It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and watch you eat.

The daily hairball

He wants to be included in petathon

Callie tries to negotiate a deal with Rebel (video)

Rebel has arrived safely in New Jersey.
He says, “These folks talk funny.”
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Daenerys Steele: Notes on a foster dog

Lee at Animal Control gave the name Daenerys (Day-Nare-Is) to this sweet girl. Paige (also at A.C.) says, “She (Daenerys) is an exiled queen in a fictional book series that is trying to overcome the madness surrounded by her family name while trying to take back her kingdom. Quite a fitting name for her I believe

Last updated: Aug. 6, 2018

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: July 07, 2018
  • Breed: Labrador/Husky Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 year, maybe less.
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes
  • General Health: Excellent
  • Temperament: Mild, almost timid
  • Gets Along with Dogs: Yes
  • Gets Along with People: Yes
  • Housebroken/Crate Trained: No


Acquired from Newport Animal Control because they were full and would have to “make room” if a few dogs weren’t pulled by rescue. Nothing else is known about her.

Transported to A Pathway to Hope on Aug. 3, 2018 for adoption.

Known Issues & Progress

Dani is a sweet, laid back dog. So much so that I had to CARRY her out to the truck from Animal Control because she would not walk on a lead. She was up jumping on the door of her kennel and barking happily at me while I was on the other side of the door, but when I slipped inside with her she hunkered on the floor and got real quiet.
Once she settled in here at Piney Mountain, she came out of her shell and has become a friendly, playful dog. She still resists walking on a lead, but she does “come” when called and will go “In your room” for a treat. She enjoys rowdy play and racing around the play yard with other dogs. She gets along with everyone. She’s a little protective of her food.


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.
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Dani is settling in nicely.

“NOooo, I’m staying in my safe place.”

Open door does not tempt Dani! “Noo, I’m staying.” (vid)



She takes obedience of my commands to a new level! (vid)

One last play session for these two friends.

Waiting to board The Bus to Jersey!

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Lucky Steele

Lucky has had a colorful life, but her penchant for the free-footed lifestyle has cost her a home at least three times.
Last updated: June 18, 2018

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: May 31
  • Breed: Husky/Aussie mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Approx. 1½ years
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: yes
  • General Health: Excellent
  • Temperament: Sweet, affectionate, gentle. Loves to be near her people.
  • Housebroken: Yes, and crate trained.
  • Good with People: Yes
  • Good with Dogs: Yes


Lucky was originally adopted from the Newport Humane Society Animal Shelter, just before they closed last year. But that family had trouble with her because Lucky likes to roam.

One day a woman, I’ll call her … Barbara: just so we have a name to work with here, arrived at Momma’s Kitchen for a meal. This is a restaurant built next to a gas station along a busy rural county highway. Barbara noticed Lucky wandering along side the road and was afraid she’d get hit by the flow of traffic.

Barbara inquired of the restaurant staff and they knew who Lucky belonged to. Barbara called the owner and was told, “That dog is always running off. I don’t want her.” So Barbara took Lucky home.

Barbara found Lucky a home with a man she knew. We’ll call him Lennie. Lennie spent around $300 on vaccinations, worming, tests, and a thorough exam, which turned up the fact that Lucky was pregnant.

Lennie brought Lucky back a week later. While Lucky is a sweet, lovable, and well behaved dog while someone is home with her she gets anxious when left alone and peed all over his home and chewed up some things. He wasn’t willing to crate her and work with her to resolve that issue and wanted her gone.

Barbara helped Lucky have 5 healthy puppies. Once they were weaned and placed in good homes, Barbara held onto Lucky as well as she could, but not having a fenced yard, Lucky was again roaming the area — which included a well trafficked road.

Lucky started visiting Barbara’s neighbors, Mike and Jeanne who are part of Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue, and they offered to help. Lucky had not been spayed yet and the last thing anyone wanted (aside from being hit by a car) was for her to get pregnant again.

Mike knows I have a fenced yard. He called to ask if there is any way we could squeeze one more in at our place. They sent pictures and a video. Look at that face, who could say, “No”?

Lucky was sent to A Pathway to Hope on June 29th for adoption.


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.
Some pictures are linked to Doggy Tales about Lucky, click those to open the related story.

Lucky’s kennel is sanitized, stocked and ready for her.

Lucky waiting for me to open the door. “Let’s go in now.”

Lucky and Blondie sizing up each other. They were fine.

Lucky meets Josie: that went well.

Lucky’s Favorite Thing Ever (vid)

Lucky and Josephine play (vid)


Lucky becomes a house dog. (vid)

Lucky likes sleeping on her back.

Engaging in calm play with Josie.

Riding well on way to transport.
Bye, bye sweet girl!
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Foxy Steele: Notes on a foster dog

Although this young Husky looks a little rough at the moment, she is indeed one foxy lady! Even more so once I got her brushed out.
Last updated: May 18, 2018

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: April 24th, 2018
  • Breed: Husky
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: @ 1 year
  • Weight: @45 pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes
  • General Health: Appears healthy. Has had her vaccinations and worming. HW test was negative.
  • Temperament: She’s SO sweet! A real snuggle-bug. Quite gentle.


Foxy was surrendered by her owner to Animal Control. She stated she had given Foxy away to two other families, both brought her back. That’s the factual information.

I would conjecture that this is yet another case of someone adopting a Husky pup because she was SO cute, but without knowing anything about Huskies. The pup was likely raised without any training until she got big enough to become a nuisance by being her bouncy, happy-go-lucky self. Then it’s “we have to get rid of this dog, she’s out of control” time.

And of course: it’s the DOG’S fault.

Fortunately N.A.C. recognized that Foxy would not do well in a shelter and called Steele Away Home. Jen already has her placed with a Husky rescue, I’ll work with her until that transport and Foxy will find a home where her people appreciate the strong, quirky personalities of these wonderful dogs.

Foxy went on rescue transport on May 18th for adoption

Known Issues & Progress

Rainy Steele: Notes on a foster dog

Rainy is an affectionate, attractive gal who is looking for a stable family to love.
Last updated: Aug 2, 2018

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: March 31, 2018
  • Breed: Husky mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Approx. 2 years
  • Weight: Approx. 45 lbs
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes (tattoo found)
  • General Health: Excellent!
  • Temperament: Affectionate and obedient


Rainy came to Steele Away Home because the shelter she was at closed. Her first foster home handed her off because she killed their pet rabbit. Her second foster home handed her off because she got nasty with the other dogs in their all-in-home foster. She came here because we are set up to give some dogs their own space while they learn to get along with the others.

Rainy was transported to 3 Hearts 4 Paws on Aug 3 for adoption.

Known Issues & Progress

Rainy has taken to being moved around quite well.

She was Heartworm positive, has been treated, and is now fully recovered . She’s in great shape and likes to play with Callie and Josephine.

Rainy’s People Skills

She is sweet and affectionate with all people. She likes to snuggle. All afternoon long she was calm when we were together. This evening, when I took her a blanket for her dog house and to spend some time with her, she got a bit rowdy. I think she got excited thinking she was coming in the house. “Sorry, girl, Callie has the House Dog spot.”

As she has settled in here she has gotten more boisterous, but not unmanageably so. I am working to teach her not to jump up on people. She likes to give kisses and loves a belly rub.

Rainy is quite obedient to voice commands as we go between crate and the door (and back) vids below.

Gets Along With Other Dogs

Not so good at first. Rainy started out with issues about her personal space and especially in guarding food and treats.

These issues have been dealt with and Rainy is now a full-time house dog sharing space with 5 other dogs. Rainy eats in her crate only because she prefers to. The door is left open so she may leave when she’s done if she wants to. She prefers to sleep there at night too. This is her safe place (and it has a really cushy folded up quilt to lie on).

Outside, she likes to run and play with the others. I’ve had no trouble with her getting aggressive in play at all. Several vids below of her behaviors.


She is housebroken.

Does not bark in the house but her vocalization is decidedly Husky. She sometimes gets conversational (vid below). When kenneled outside, she barks if there is something to bark at. Her first night here was a full-moon. Other dogs on the mountain were barking and the cows were bellowing like elephants. Lot’s to bark at, so we tried crating her inside. That first night went poorly, but she has since settled down and is good in her crate (vid below).

She does call me (Husky speak, not barking) when she needs to go outside, or wants to eat, or is lonely; otherwise she’s pleasantly quiet.


Rainy rides well in a vehicle. She loaded up readily and sat calmly as I drove on several trips. She rides behind the seats and makes no effort to force her way up front.

She is good on a leash.

When she arrived she did not seem to know any commands and did not respond to her name. By the end of her first afternoon she had “In your room” down pat. By her second day she will “come” when called regardless of far away she is (vid below). After 6 days we also have “sit” pretty well down. Now we are working on “paw”. She’s smart!


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.
Some pictures are linked to Doggy Tales about this dog, click those to open the related story or video.

Camera shy

Casual Dining (video)

A good look at Rainy (video)

Snarking Callie (video)

A Fast Learner! (video)

Meeting Cochise and Josephine (vid)

Too cold to stay out last night. Slept all night and is good while I fix breakfast.

Rainy has her own “room” in the den with me.

She is great at going out and coming in without a fuss. (vid)

Rainy is better at sharing space with the other dogs. (vid)

Napping with The Gang (vid)

Now what do I do?

Rainy and Foxy have their first play date. (vid)

The Three Amigos, these girls are a play group.

She could have hung out in the den with us, but she chose to keep Buddy, who is scared of thunder, company.
Rainy chooses to comfort Buddy during thunder.

Rainy has been food aggressive and would snap at other dogs who got to close to her crate while she was eating or chewing a bone. This is progress.
Buddy stole Rainy’s bone, and she’s okay with that!

Rainy and her love affair with our sofa (vid)

Hello, I’m here to see the doctor!

I’m feeling a little nervous about this.

Recuperating after heartworm treatment

No longer food aggressive (vid)

Enjoys casual dining

Happy to share with a friend

Rainy joins The Girl Gang

So crate trained she even opens the door for herself (vid)

Rainy and Buddy tell me it’s time to dish up kibbles (vid)

My blonde bodyguards!
Rainy and Blondie confer on my security arrangements.

Who wants to go outside with me? (vid)

Weak … with … hunger.
Must feed me.

Rainy has her own “room” in the den with me.

The others sometimes envy Rainy’s bed. (vid)

Kitchen Supervisor.

Ready for movie: bring on the eats!

My blonde dog body guards.


I think I’ll just sleep here tonight, okay?

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Mystery Steele: Notes on a foster dog

Mystery is a chocolate lab, husky mix, but she is definitely a Husky in build and personality. If you like the quirky, independent personality of this breed, you’ll love Mystery.

Last updated: February 12, 2018

Base Info:

  • Arrived here: January 11th, 2018
  • Breed: Chocolate Husky
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Approx 2 years
  • Weight: Approx 60 pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes: Feb 9, 2017
  • General Health: Good. Other than being in need of a good brushing, her fur, skin and teeth look to be in good shape. I see no sign of injury or disease.
  • Temperament: Good. She is lovey and affectionate with people. Accepting of strangers. She plays well with our other dogs now: was a bit guarded when she first arrived due to kennel stress.


Mystery was picked up as a stray and taken to Newport Animal Control in November 2017. Because Huskies do not do well in close confinement, she became stressed, depressed, and aggressive. N.A.C. management asked Steele Away Home to take her in so she could get out of that environment and regain her sanity.

Known Issues & Progress

Mystery is a Husky. Huskies have a personality all their own. I’ve worked with Huskies in a shelter environment before and they do NOT do well in close confinement. It’s heartbreaking to see how fast this spirited, independent breed sinks into depression when incarcerated. That was the case with Mystery. She came to Piney Mountain because we have a large, fenced play yard and big pens for our fosters to live in until they can begin house training.

Upon arrival (yesterday), she was fine with me: friendly and obedient, but when other dogs came near her pen she would bare her teeth and charge the fencing to warn them off. Some of them did not take too kindly to that attitude!

I’ve given her several solo play sessions in the yard – which she enjoys immensely — and she is calming down already.

After a few weeks she is able to play with the other dogs in the yard. She’s a bit too rowdy for Josephine’s taste (Josie is our smallest) but she’s not being mean, just big and bouncy.


Doing well. There have been no incidents in the bunkhouse. Even when in her pen, she will avoid defiling her 10′ x10′ space as long as I let her out regularly. She usually needs to run a couple of laps to get her bowels moving … then slams on the brakes and assumes the position. She’s funny.

When I’ve got her loose in the bunkhouse she has not shown any tendency to chew things up or get into things. She’s curious, but not invasive.

Gets Along With Other Dogs

Not so good at the start, but that changed as she felt less stressed.

After a few days to decompress, Mystery wanted to play with her roomie: Angel. That went well. She and angel have had several play sessions together (see vids below).

Mystery HAS become possessive of my attentions and will warn off other dogs if I’m in her pen with her. If I’m in the yard with both her and another dog, there are no issues. She also shows food-guarding behavior with dogs — not with me.

People Skills

Very good. She is friendly and comes when called. She does not jump up on me (much) and she walks well on a tether/leash. She has had some training before.

It got to a point where when leash-walking her between Bunkhouse and play yard she’d be dragging me along. I put her in a Walk-Right! ™ harness and that cleared up right away. Then, one night, she chewed the harness off. I’ve ordered another, but in the mean time she is responding better to a “slow” command and tug on the collar-mounted leash. She learned and remembers even without the harness.

I got the harness, but don’t need it. Mystery now walks very well on a leash and collar.


Mystery is a typical Husky, and as such can be more of a handful to manage than most other breeds. Huskies tend to be highly intelligent, deviously clever, independent thinkers, and OPINIONATED. They are also hilariously entertaining and devoted family dogs. To manage a Husky, you need firm boundaries and a good routine. Let a Husky decide she’s in charge of the household and you’ll have a frustrating challenge on your hands.

I brush her daily and she’s looking much better. She loves the brushing too. She talks to me constantly while I’m doing it. That is SO cute!

Feb 12: After a dog gets fixed I like to take them for a “just for fun” truck ride so they don’t come t think that getting in the truck means someone is going to cut parts off them.

Today I had errands to run, so I took Mystery Steele with me: she was spayed last Friday but is feeling better now. She was not at all hesitant, hopped right up into the truck and settled herself on the passenger seat. She rides really well!

One of my stops was Tractor Supply Co. in Newport. She went in with me and did a superb job of staying right beside me, never pulling on the leash, never toying with products, never having to be coaxed to come along, quite calm when I stopped to speak to a store employee. I was SO proud of her! We even met a Weimaraner puppy who was a bit bouncy and overly friendly, but both did well and were quite civil to one another.


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.
Some pictures are linked to Doggy Tales about Mystery, click those to open the related story or video.

Looking better after a good brushing

Wanna Play?

Mystery has a great sense of humor.

This girl can really run — and loves it!

The next day I let Mystery and her roomie, Angel, out to play in the snow:

Mystery and Angel get a long play day in especially nice weather.

Mystery has decided to challenge Blondie for the Grand Dame position. (click-vid)

Mystery likes to munch and wander at breakfast time (click-vid)

Enjoying a Big Bone

She rides well. Calm. Sometimes needs petting to reassure her all is well.

Definitely a husky, such a derp!

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Ilo Steele: Notes On A Rescue Dog

This is a foster dog diary post. New information about Ilo will be added to the end of this post so all info on this dog is in one place and in chronological order.
Post last updated: April 10, 2017

Ilo arrived March 7th. That name is spelled eye – ell – oh, and pronounced “Ee-low”. Ilo is a white Husky with blue eyes, he is around 1 year old and weighs (guessing here) around 50 pounds. He appears to be in good health.

Ilo’s History

Ilo was adopted locally as a puppy. He spent most of his life on a chain in the yard. He didn’t even have a collar: they just wrapped the chain around his neck and fastened it. As a result he has a gray band around his neck that will be difficult to remove. In time, that hair will shed out, so it will go away. Eventually.

One of our rescue families talked that family into surrendering him. Ilo is here for evaluation and training. His shots are current. He will be heartworm tested when he goes in for neutering on the 17th.
NOTE: That test came back negative, so he is now on a HW preventative to keep him safe.

Jasmine is a Jewel

NOTE: This post is about one of our foster dogs. This is an experiment. I’ll open up with introduction info, then as new information and adventures become available I will ADD THAT TO THE END OF THIS POST rather than putting up new posts for each adventure. The goal is to keep all of the pertinent info on this dog in one place and in chronological order. That is advantageous to rescues or potential adoptive families who come to learn about this dog. Each time I add new info I’ll change the date below so you know if it’s worth scrolling down to look for new info. Thanks!

Date last updated: Jan 4, 2017

Jasmine is a Chocolate (Lab) Husky with blue-grey eyes and gorgeous, exotic coloring. She is full of personality and affectionate, but at the same time so skittish of people we have to be very careful around her. Loud noises spook her. Sudden movements spook her. Reaching out to her spooks her.

She is friendly and open with all the other dogs and likes to play. It’s just people she’s scared of.

Jasmine’s Background

All we know of her is that she was owned by a young woman (local) who either joined the military or was in the military and was assigned to an 8 year tour of duty in Japan, and Jasmine could not go with her.